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  • Visitors to silver theater hit 150,000 mark

  • Integrated News SMG 2183

    The number of visitors to “Hollywood Theater” in Jongro-gu’s Nakwon-dong area, dubbed as the “Silver Cinema,” hit 150,000 this October, the month of giving respect to the aged, Seoul City said. It attributed the achievement to the adult crowd’s steadfast love for the theater, which showcased 81 hit classics that included all-time favorites like Mama Mia.

    Silver Cinema opened on Jan. 21, 2009 as the nation’s “first” movie theater exclusively for senior citizens.

    With the month of October devoted to senior citizens, the theater launched a special exhibition titled “I want to cry” on Sept. 24.

    This specially planned event featuring tear-jerking films seeks to provide a cathartic effect to the older crowds by allowing them to relieve all their pent-up stress through the emotional and moving scenarios.

    Silver Cinema has also been running the “On the hunt for film screenings” for the fifth round since June.

    For those who find it difficult to make their way to the theater, welfare centers for senior citizens carry a selection that aims to meet the general taste of this demographic. Some of the movies were “My Love,” “Once More, Despite the Hate,” and “Tears of Amazon.”