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  • Village Community Project Recognized in “2014 Consumer Power Hit Awards”

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    The Village Community Project that the Seoul Metropolitan Government is ardently pursuing has been selected to receive the “Consumer Power Hit Award ” for its second consecutive year. This recognizes the city government’s efforts to change not only the lives of individuals but also of communities.

    The Consumer Power Hit Awards was held for the sixth time in 2014, with awards given in recognition of valuable products and public services that are based on ingenious ideas and successful marketing. The awardees of the “Consumer Power Hit Award” are selected through a detailed preliminary review process involving screening, consumer polls, and expert opinions.

    Currently, the residents themselves are gradually taking control of the Village Community Projects. A total of 70,000 Seoul residents participated in the activities of the Village Community, and 2,700 resident meetings and councils were created.

    Furthermore, the people involved stated that they really enjoyed participating in the activities of the Village Community, and that their chances of joining in the village activities have increased. The project brought great satisfaction as well as a greater sense of citizenship to the residents of Seoul.

    Supsok-ae , the Seoul Village Community in Dobong-gu, was ranked second in the World Innovation Project category of the “Project Innovation: The Innovation Mindset Challenge” competition hosted by Columbia University between June 1 and August 15, 2014.

    The Seoul Village Community Project began in 2012, and over the past three years, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has begun pursuing projects to support various village communities. The projects involve increasing the voluntary participation of local residents and resolving issues between neighbors with the goal of making Seoul a warmer and more hospitable place to live.

    < Ipen-House Choral Community at Yangcheon-gu
    People who communicate and form relationships through music. >

    Ipen House Choir at their first performance at Seoul Village Expo in September 2014

    Local residents preparing and rehearsing for concerts and other performances.

    Supsok-ae, Dobong-gu, received second prize in the Innovation Mindset Challenge