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  • View Seoul’s Daily Budget Spending through “Moving Data”

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    “What area received the largest portion of Seoul’s budget spending today?” “How much of Seoul’s budget has been spent in total since January 1, 2015?” The answers to these questions can now be found using the “Seoul Fiscal Clock,” starting in July 2015.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will disclose data on its daily government expenditure through “moving data,” or interactive infographics. This is the first attempt in the world to provide access to public sector fiscal spending data through real-time infographics instead of raw data. Interactive infographics allow users to find the information they want by manipulating visualized data through actions such as clicking, touching, and scrolling.

    At first, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will offer a trial service for four categories of public data (API) in which Seoul citizens are most interested under the titles: ① Seoul Fiscal Clock, ② Prices in Seoul at a Glance, ③ Seoul’s Last 50 Years in Numbers, and ④ Current Concentrations of Fine Particles in Seoul.

    “We are introducing ‘Interactive Seoul!’ for the first time, and it won’t be a simple enumeration of data,” remarked Mayor Park Won Soon. “This is a great example of innovative public administration, as it is providing large volumes of complex data to all citizens in ways they can easily understand.” Mayor Park added, “We will make the administration of Seoul even more transparent by cooperating with the private sector as well as Seoul citizens and disclosing and sharing even more public data in high-interest areas, making it easily accessible to the public.”

    ☞ Try “Interactive Seoul!” on the Seoul Statistics Website : http://stat.seoul.go.kr