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  • Vegan Festival to be held for 1.5 million vegetarians in Korea

  • Press Releases SMG 1003
    • The sixth Vegan Festival to be held at Seoul Innovation Park, May 18, and around 10,000 people expected to visit
    • A total of 80 promotional booths to introduce a variety of vegan foods, vegan fashion products and vegan cosmetics
    • In addition, lectures on “Animal and the Environment” and “Vegan and Health” and diverse performances and concerts to be provided
    • Visitors who bring their own plates and tumblers to get a chance to taste vegan foods for free
    • Five percent of the profits to be donated for animal protection

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, May 16, 2019 — There are currently around 1.5 million vegetarians in Korea. “Vegan Festival,” which showcases vegetarian life for the sake of animals, the environment and healthy oneself, will take place on May 18 at Seoul Innovation Park located in Bulgwang-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul.

    The reason of growing number of vegetarians is because more and more people have interests in healthy life that does not mistreat animals, along with global warming and ecological problems. As veganism that does not use nor eat products made from animals and vegetarian culture are increasing as well, “vegenomics” is also getting attentions.

    This year’s Vegan Festival celebrates its sixth anniversary, and its theme is “Everyone’s Vegan, the Earth of All.” It will provide an opportunity for visitors to think about the meaning and fun of vegetarianism and to have unique experiences, while considering the environment and a healthier life living with animals. For the last five years, about 32,000 people both from home and abroad visited the festival.

    This year’s festival will feature a one-minute speech event that anyone can participate and share one’s everyday survival stories about vegetarian life. A total of 80 promotional booths introduce a variety of vegan foods, such as vegan hamburgers, vegan cakes, and vegan takoyaki; vegan fashion products that do not use animal raw materials; vegan recycling (upcycling) products with excellent design and functions; and vegan makeup demonstrated by professional artists.

    There is no entrance fee, however all visitors should bring their own plates, spoons and chopsticks to taste vegan foods. In addition, there will be a traditional Indian yoga workshop and lectures on “Animal and the Environment” and “Vegan and Health.”

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government said, “Vegan Festival is an eco-friendly proposal for a sustainable Earth and for citizens to be “healthy and happy together” based on the premise of animal welfare. We respect diverse ways of life of the citizens and we will be with them to make Seoul a healthy and eco-friendly city. As part of that efforts, we hope that this Vegan Festival will become a representative civic festival in Seoul.”