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  • Various Programs at Parks in Seoul during Spring

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    Various Programs at Parks in Seoul during Spring
    Infant Forest Activities at Namsan ParkMusic Concert at Citizen’s Forest
    Floriculture Workshop at Noeul Recreation CenterFirefly Festival at Gil-dong Ecological Park

    To celebrate spring, Seoul City is holding various recreational and cultural activities that can be enjoyed in nature in 22 different parks. From March to June, 13 spring events and 135 spring programs will be held, including spring flower festivals, musical trips, agriculture, ecological cooking, and health programs.

    < From beautiful spring flower festivals to outdoor concerts >

    In April, beautiful flowers bloom, making it a perfect occasion for spring outing. Also, different events will be held in each park, including outdoor concerts in the forest every weekend.

    • ○ In April, the Spring Flower Festival will take place at the Children’s Grand Park once the cherry blossoms bloom on the driveway. The Royal Azalea Festival will be held from April 21 to 22 in the Cheonho Park, and concerts will be held in the Namsan Park at lunch time from April 18 to 20, which is when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.
    • ○ The ‘Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market’ will open every weekend from the end of March in the Oil Reservoir Culture Park. Also, the Parkday Festival will be held from May 3 at Seoul Forest.
      Park nameEventPeriod
      Gil-dong Ecological ParkSeasonal customs (Hwajeon, Dano)April/June (weekends)
      Firefly FestivalJune 16 (Sat.)
      Oil Reservoir Culture ParkSeoul Bamdokkaebi Night MarketEvery week from the end of March to October (Sat., Sun.)
      Seoul Children’s Grand ParkSpring Flower FestivalDuring April
      Fairy Tale FestivalMay 4 (Fri.) – May 6 (Sun.)
      Seoul ForestParkday FestivalMay 3 (Thur.) – May 5 (Sat.)
      Cheonho Park7th Cheonho Park Royal Azalea FestivalApril 21 – April 22 (Sat., Sun.)
      Mat Film FestivalFrom May to June (Fridays and Saturdays)

    < Let’s get healthier in parks >

    Parks are like natural gyms where you can exercise while breathing clean air.

    • ○ Park Forest Healing programs will be held in the World Cup Park for the family to enjoy together, or for individuals to enjoy by themselves. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Health Archery will take place in Namsan Park’s Seokhojeong Pavilion. Also, the Walking Properly Health Classroom will be held every Tuesday and Thursday during May and June in the Gyeongui Line Forest.
      Park/PlaceProgramPeriod (days of the week)
      Gyeongui Line ForestWalking Properly Health ClassroomMarch – June (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
      Boramae ParkUntil our 100s in parks!
      Stay-fit program
      April – June (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
      Boramae ParkWalking properly to improve healthApril – June (Mondays and Wednesdays)
      World Cup ParkPark Forest HealingApril – June (Saturdays)

    < Special Recreational Space at the World Cup Park >

    5 special experience rooms will be available at the ‘Noeul Recreation Center’, bringing visitors new experiences every month.

    • ○ Each month from March to June, cupcakes and pizzas will be prepared with your family or group using crops harvested in the park. In the ‘Fun Environmental Workshop’, natural candles and mulberry soaps will be made with natural ingredients.
      Park/PlaceProgramTypePeriod (days of the week)
      World Cup Park
      (Noeul Recreation Center)
      <Tasty Ecological Food>
      March: Rice cake, April: Cupcake
      May: Cookies
      June: Pizza
      CookingTuesday – Friday,
      Saturday and Sunday
      <Fun Environmental Workshop>
      March: Natural candles, April: Detergent
      May: Soap, June: Flower pots
      CraftingTuesday – Friday,
      Saturday and Sunday
      <Floriculture Workshop for Adults>
      March: Cherry ornaments, April: Business card holders
      May: Paper roses, June: Fleshy plant frames