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[2014] Mayor’s Speech

  • Value of Sharing and Cooperating in Generating Benefits

  • [2014] Mayor’s Speech SMG 1324

    Opening Ceremony of Smart Cloud Show 2014

    Date: September 13, 2014 Venue: Dynasty Hall at Shilla Hotel

    Greetings, ladies and gentlemen and distinguished guests! I am Park Won-soon, the Mayor of Seoul. I would like to give my warm welcome to those who are attending Smart Cloud Show 2014, which will elaborate on the future and global trends of IT.

    Following last year’s show, it is my pleasure to be here again with you at this show, where we can share and exchange innovative and life-changing ideas such as MOOC (Massive Open Online Course-Online open class), the sharing economy, and IoT (the Internet of Things).

    The theme of the show this year is Connected Learning in the Cloud. The demand for education from our society has increased in a diverse number of ways, but the quantity and quality of educational content has not caught up with those demands. Under these circumstances, I think that Cloud-based learning in the spirit of sharing should be prioritized and considered a model for sharing.

    It is well-known that the Central Government is preparing the development of a Korean version of MOOC. To boost this trend, it will also develop and provide high quality content by teaming up with consultative groups and universities starting in the second half of this year.

    Sharing new information is very important for those of us leading fast-changing, modern lives. That is why the Seoul Metropolitan Government took the first vigorous step, declaring ‘Sharing City, Seoul’ in 2012. Our efforts over the last two years for pushing ahead with that step are now proving fruitful, with several noticeable outcomes. The sharing activities employed by the Seoul Metropolitan Government has been introduced to many countries including the U.S., the U.K., Germany, and Sweden, catching the world’s attention to the role of the public sector in promoting a sharing economy. Furthermore, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will improve the quality of life among thousands of citizens and resolve the issues of Seoul by enabling communication between human beings and objects such as buildings, roads, and cars using technologies such as IT and mobile technology.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is fully aware of how convenient it is for citizens to be able to communicate with technological systems such as the Owl Bus (also known as Olbbaemi Bus) and the Taxi Matchmaking Service. For the Owl Bus, 6,000 people are able enjoy this service thanks to the innovative project of combining the data base of 3 billion passenger travel records provided by KT and traffic records by Seoul Metropolitan Government. The Taxi Matchmaking Service provides information on the best spots to catch a taxi depending on time, date, and location. The awareness of the importance of communication between technology and citizens has allowed the Seoul Metropolitan Government to create valuable services and new added value through the convergence of a variety of seemingly meaningless data available in the daily life of citizens with the capabilities of every corner of society, the public, and the private sector. As shown in such cases, sharing has led to cooperation and co-existence among players in various communities, leading to innovation and a creative economy to give citizens a more convenient life.

    The goal of the creative economy implemented by the Seoul Metropolitan Government lies in benefiting citizens, attaining future resource supplies through a creative infrastructure and a sharing economy enjoyed by all. The backbones of this goal are sharing and cooperation.

    Distinguished guests, can it be denied that we must share and cooperate to generate greater benefits for all? I hope that the Smart Cloud Show will provide a platform where the value of sharing and cooperating to generate benefits is further spread and naturally embedded in the lives of citizens as they participate in various programs in person. Thank you very much.