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  • Useful Information for the Chuseok Season

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    Useful Information for the Chuseok Season

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will implement Five Chuseok Plans between September 27 and October 10, 2017 so that citizens can enjoy a safe, comfortable traditional holiday.

    ① One, implement a special inspection and carry out preventative measures to check road facilities, construction sites, and fire-prone areas to prevent accidents before the start of Chuseok. Have an emergency duty lineup ready to prepare for any unexpected natural disasters such as heavy rain. Station rescue teams on standby at major subway stations, terminals and cemeteries.

    ② Two, increase the number of Express bus / intercity bus operations by 20%, and capacity by 51% (compared to a regular day) to carry 130,000 travelers daily on average. Also, provide advanced and real-time traffic information through various media to promote travel convenience and establish traffic order through controlling illegal parking or refusal to accept customers by taxis.
    (☞ Check road traffic in real-time: Website for checking Seoul’s traffic conditions: http://topis.seoul.go.kr/ )

    During nighttime, 9 owl bus lines (11:40pm ~ 5:00am) and 2,580 night taxis (9:00pm~9:00am) will be in operation. The SMG will not, however, extend the last bus hours for public transportation.

    Useful Information for the Chuseok Season
    No.Route NumberOrigin and DestinationIntervalHours of Operation
    1N13Sanggye-dong~Jangji-dong25~30 min00:00~03:30
    2N15Ui-dong~Sadang Station25~35 min00:00~03:20
    3N16Dobongsan Mountain~Onsu-dong25~30 min00:20~03:45 (Onsu-dong)
    00:10~03:35 (Dobongsan Mountain)
    4N26Banghwa-dong~Sinnae-dong30~35 min00:00~03:10
    5N30Gangil-dong~Seoul Station30~35 min23:30~03:40
    6N37Jingwan-dong~Jangji-dong25~30 min00:00~03:10
    7N61Sinjeong-dong~Nowon Station20~25 min23:50~03:45
    8N62Sinjeong-dong~Myeonmok-dong30 min23:40~03:00
    9N65Gaehwa-dong~Siheung-dong25~30 min00:00~3:10

    Useful Information for the Chuseok Season

    ③ Three, 170 emergency medical institutions and 200 pharmacies will be opened during the holiday to prepare for emergency situations.

    ☞ National Emergency Medical Center website: http://www.e-gen.or.kr/egen/main.do
    ☞ Pharmacy 114 website: http://www.pharm114.or.kr/

    < Special Operation of the 120 Dasan Call Center during Chuseok [Sep. 30 (Sat) ~ Oct. 9 (Mon)] >

    ◈ Description: Information on transportation, medical services, living and cultural activities

    – Transportation: Inquiries on hours of operation of trains and buses at train stations and terminals

    – Emergency: Inquiries on emergency centers and pharmacies, reporting illegal parking or dumping trash

    – Culture: Inquiries on Chuseok events in Seoul and other autonomous districts, operation status of cultural facilities, etc.

    – Living: Trash disposal schedule, administrative affairs of cities and districts

    Cultural Events for Chuseok

    Traditional Culture

    Traditional Culture
    Oct 3-5
    Yard at Namsangol Hanok Village
    /Outdoor Stage at the Yard of Cheonugak
    How to Enjoy Chuseok at Namsangol VillageFree
    (Certain programs are free)
    Oct 5-8
    Seoul City Hall
    Citizens Hall
    Traditional gamesFree


    Oct 5-7.Seoul Baekje Museum2017 Hangawi Museum FestivalFree
    Sep 29-Oct 1Seoul Museum of Art Buk Seoul Museum of ArtSeoul Cake Week 2017Free
    Oct 7Sejong Art GardenSejong Art Market “So-So”Free


    Sep 28-29
    Crown Haitai Theater,
    Seoul Namsan Gugak Center
    Korean Music in the World20,000 won
    Sep 30, Oct 7
    Cheonugak Outdoor Stage,
    Namsangol Hanok Village
    Saturday Excursion for Traditional TunesFree
    Sep 30
    Changnyeongwigung Ritual House, Dream Forest Art CenterForest Ensemble
    “Dreams and Memories”
    Oct 4
    Seoul Donhwamun Traditional TheaterChuseok GamesFree