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  • Uruguay VP meets the skies of Montevideo in Seoul

  • Integrated News SMG 2611

    Millennium Cell, Global Eye, World Square Vice President of Uruguay Danilo Astori toured the Digital Media City in Seoul’s Sangam-dong area on Nov. 23, providing the high-ranking official with an up-close view of the symbol of the DMC – the Millennium Eye.

    The Millennium Eye features 12 LED rays, with a 3-meter LCD panel (called “Global Eye”) sitting at the center of a 30-meter disk-like structure called “World Square.” On top of the whole structure is a 23-meter tall media structure named “Millennium Cell.”

    The Global Eye displays in real-time the skies and the atmosphere of Uruguay’s capital city, Montevideo, a city positioned in the opposite side of the globe. Such presentation is aimed at allowing visitors to simultaneously experience the sense of a tower of strength and greatness of the global village, Seoul City said.

    To express the skies of Montevideo in real-time, Seoul City officials and creative artists visited Uruguay on Nov. 6 to sign an agreement to strengthen cooperation and boost technological support between Seoul and Montevideo.

    Vice President of Uruguay Danilo Astori and Foreign Minister Luis Almagro of Uruguay were two of the 12 visiting delegates from the South American country. These guests, accompanied by Seoul Vice Mayor Kwon Young-kyu, were given the opportunity to visit the Digital Media City, which Seoul City boasts is the world’s first planned “media and entertainment cluster.” Such occasion served to widen mutual understanding and allow the Korean capital to share its ideas and strategies for fostering state-of-the-art industries, Seoul City said.

    Seoul Vice Mayor Kwon Young-kyu (far left) and Vice President of Uruguay Danilo Astori (far right) observe the blue skies of Montevideo reflected by the Global Eye.,Seoul Vice Mayor Kwon Young-kyu (third from right) and Vice President of Uruguay Danilo Astori (second from left) take a tour of the DMC in Sangam-dong.