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  • “Urban Change Maker,” Seoul Holds Seoul Urban Regeneration Week from December 4th to 8th

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    urban change maker 2019.12.04-12.08

    From December 4th to 8th, 2019, the Urban Regeneration Office of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Urban Regeneration Support Center will be holding the 2019 Seoul Urban Regeneration Week at the Seoul Urban Regeneration Center in the Donuimun Museum Village.

    Seoul Urban Regeneration Week was planned to focus on “a variety of subjects in the fields of urban regeneration” that are spearheading changes in the city under the theme, “Urban Change Maker.” A variety of methods of communication, including a discussion, symposium, talk show, briefing session, and exhibition, will be provided to have a conversation with the citizens about the importance and values of the participation in urban regeneration by various subjects.

    The event is comprised of ① a symposium and discussion, ② an on-site participatory program, ③ a networking program, and ④ a special exhibition on urban regeneration.

    All programs of the 2019 Seoul Urban Regeneration Week are free of charge. For more information on the event and the application for participation, visit the website of the Seoul Urban Regeneration Support Center (http://surc.or.kr).