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  • Upper grounds of water reservoirs turn into spaces for sports and leisurely activities for citizens

  • Press Releases SMG 1031
    • – The collective size of the transformed grounds at 46 water reservoirs out of 101 amounts to 1,043,366 square meters, five times bigger than that of Yeouido Park
    • – Depending on the location and size, diverse facilities such as playgrounds for kids, jogging tracks, badminton courts, basketball courts, and soccer fields were set up
    • – Additional three water reservoirs built by 2022 to also feature greenery parks and sports facilities on the upper grounds

    SEOUL, November 10, 2017 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced that upper grounds of 46 water reservoirs, or tap water storage tanks, had been recently transformed into parks or spaces where the citizens can enjoy sports and leisurely activities.

    The first water reservoir were built in Huam-dong, central Seoul in 1940 to save and distribute purified waters to households for longer than 12 hours in any emergency situations, such as power or water outrage, or water leak. Currently there are a total of 101 water reservoirs throughout the city.

    Now, around 50 percent of the reservoirs, which are located near in residential areas, are changed into spaces for the citizens to do various sports or leisurely activities. Depending on the location and size, each space features playgrounds for kids, jogging tracks, badminton courts, basketball courts, or soccer fields. The collective area of the transformed upper grounds amounts to 1,043,366 square meters, five times bigger than that of the Yeouido Park.

    For this transformation, the SMG and its park management departments have held several town meetings to listen to voices of the residents. After the constructions were completed, each autonomous gu, or district, offices, and the city government’s Park Management Office, manage and operate facilities there.

    Sports facilities, such as soccer fields, badminton courts, basketball courts, or jogging tracks, were set up at 19 grounds, where there were relatively bigger spaces, including Seocho Water Reservoir and Wolgok Water Reservoir.

    If there were not so enough spaces, greenery parks, playgrounds for kids, and small-scaled exercise facilities were provided. One of the 27 places is Herb & Space Park created at Gildong Water Reservoir.

    According to the SMG, additional three water reservoirs will be built up by 2022: Mia Water Reservoir, Sanggye 1 Water Reservoir and Seongbuk 2 Water Reservoir.

    The Seoul Waterworks Authority said, “Changing upper grounds at the water reservoirs into spaces for the citizens’ health and leisurely activities is to improve the citizens’ quality of life.” “When we build up other reservoirs in the future, we will take into consideration spare spaces for parks or sports facilities,” added it.