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  • Untold Stories about Seoul Reborn as QR codes(Seoul Storytelling Video Service)

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government offers stories about the streets within the four gates of the city and stories about sign stones (e.g. a sign stone indicating that a location was a former palace site) in familiar animation images accessible on smartphones (QR codes) or mobile Web site. The service is provided because there are almost 20 million smartphone users in Korea. The service is also a great combination of the 600-year history of Seoul and its latest smart technology.

    Currently there are 17 animation contents for stories about roads and sign stones respectively. The contents were prepared by Korea Creative Content Agency. The city of Seoul is using them according to an agreement with the agency dated June 29, 2011. Thus the city government of Seoul could save money on the creation of the contents courtesy of the agency.

    The animation contents introduce the history of the main streets of Seoul and the historic sites in central Seoul comparing past and present easily and interestingly using pictures and animation videos. Haechi, the symbol of Seoul, does the storytelling for us.

    The contents are made in three foreign languages, too, such as English, Chinese and Japanese for an increasing number of foreign tourists. The focus of the contents is the harmony of the history and information technology of Seoul, an Ancient City of the Future.

    How to view animation contents about sign stones in Seoul?

    m.Seoul Main , Select contents! , Click!

    To get video contents service through a QR code, put your smartphone closer to the QR code, using a QR code reading program. You can enjoy video contents recorded in the code.

    A sample QR code , QR code reading , Enjoy the video

    If you want to get the video service on mobile Web site, access m.Seoul on a smartphone, select the culture/history menu, and you can enjoy the video you want.

    m.Seoul Main , Contents , Enjoy the video

    Seoul Metropolitan Government will continue to discover more stories about Seoul and offer them to its citizens and tourists, stories about a city of the future and stories about a cultural city where the history is alive and strong.