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  • Unleashing the Upgraded Version of “Discover Seoul Pass”

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    Enjoying the benefits of “Discover Seoul Pass” with one single card – a special pass for foreign tourists. As this pass grew in popularity and 25,000 cards were sold barely two years after the card was first released, Seoul City has partnered up with Seoul Tourism Organization to unleash a new card on May 5th (Wed) with upgraded services and functions. The goal is to firmly establish this pass as a must-have tourism product in Seoul.

    Discover Seoul Pass is a tourist pass that Seoul City introduced in July 2016 specially for foreign tourists. This card does not only allow free admission to Seoul’s popular tourist attractions, but tourists may also enjoy Seoul’s major tourist attractions in a convenient and effective manner according to their various preferences thanks to the card’s public transportation function, its shopping discounts, its pass to Korean culture experiences, and more.

    The newly released Discover Seoul Pass has five main upgrades: ① Access to more tourist attractions, ② Mobile versions of the pass, ③ Strengthened transportation function, ④ Diversified pass, ⑤ More sellers and distributors.

    First, the number of tourist facilities to which card holders can be admitted free of charge or with a discounted price has been increased from 32 to 66.

    Second, a brand-new mobile pass has been unleashed. Tourists can now download the Discover Seoul Pass mobile application and buy a pass through it whenever they wish and wherever they may be. This is to answer the problem of the previous inconvenient system in which tourists had to firstly buy the pass, then register it on the mobile application, or buy the pass online and receive it at a pick-up location once they arrive in Korea.

    Third, the transportation function has been greatly enhanced. While keeping the previous T-money function, a one-way Incheon International Airport – Seoul Railway Station (AREX) boarding pass, a one-day City Tour Bus boarding pass, and a 24-hour voucher for Seoul Bikes “Ttareungyi” have also been added.

    Fourth, the pass has been diversified with a new 72-hour version added on top of the previous 24-hour and 48-hour passes. Keeping their prices, the 24-hour pass is sold at KRW 39,900 and the 48-hour pass at KRW 55,000, while the 72-hour pass can be bought at KRW 70,000. The prices are the same for the mobile version of the pass.

    Fifth, there are now 50 online and offline distributors, compared to the previous 37.

    Meanwhile, after analyzing the routes of pass users through big data, it was revealed that most foreign tourists using the 24-hour Seoul Pass start by visiting Gyeongbokgung Palace and visit Namsan Seoul Tower in the evening to end their day while enjoying the city’s night view.

    For more information on where to use, how to use, and how to buy the pass, please visit https://www.discoverseoulpass.com.

    Unleashing the Upgraded Version of “Discover Seoul Pass”
    Discover Seoul Pass
    Discover Seoul Pass Discover Seoul Pass

    – Seoul Tour Free Pass –Discover Seoul Pass

    Seoul City and Seoul Tourism Organization are distributing a Discover Seoul Pass which offers free admission or discounts to Seoul’s most popular historical, cultural, and entertainment sites for the convenience of Free Independent Travelers.


    • ○ Name: Discover Seoul Pass
    • ○ Types: 24-hour pass (KRW 39,900), 48-hour pass (KRW 55,000), 72-hour pass (KRW 70,000)
    • ○ Content
      • – More tourist attractions, a new 72-hour Discover Seoul Pass and three mobile passes (24h, 48h, 72h)
        • · No need to visit a pick-up point. With the mobile pass, buy your pass whenever you wish and wherever you may be.
        • · More tourist attractions (Free Admission to 21 places → 36 places, Discounts in 13 places → 30 places)
      • – Free admission to the 36 attractions foreign tourists prefer in Seoul
        • · You may use your pass during 24/48/72 hours after your first visit to a tourist attraction
        • · You may check remaining time in real-time through the application
      • – Discounts on 30 facilities including concert halls, tourist attractions, duty free shops (*No time limit)
        • · Immediate discount by simply presenting the DSP at a ticket office or at the counter.
      • – Transportation function
        • · You may use this card as a transportation card thanks to its T-money function after topping it up
        • · Gwanghwamun, Dongdaemun City Tour Bus one-day free boarding pass (Use within the time limit)
        • · One-time, one-way Airport Railroad (AREX) direct train boarding pass (One pass regardless of the time limit)
        • · Seoul Bikes “Ttaereungyi” 24-hour voucher (One voucher regardless of the time limit)
      • – You may check You may check remaining time and a list of the tourist attractions through the mobile application.
        • · Application available in Korean, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese and English
        • · You may check the location of the attractions and other related information through the mobile application. Other tourist attractions are also suggested depending on your location.

    ※ For more information, please visit https://www.discoverseoulpass.com