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  • Ui-Sinseol LRT to Open on September 2

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    The Ui-Sinseol Light Rapid Transit, the first all basement-level subway line in Korea, will begin operation on September 2nd. The mini subway train, 28m in length and light green in color, will run through the northeastern part of Seoul including Dongdaemun-gu, Seongbuk-gu and Gangbuk-gu, delivering art and culture contents inside.

    The new line will operate as an unmanned line with all stations located at the basement-level and will promote artistic endeavors free of commercial advertisements. The Cultural Railway Project will be implemented to create a new platform for the dispersal of art and culture on the subway.

    The Cultural Railway Project can be summed up as a combination of Art and Culture Space free of commercial advertisements, Art Station where users can encounter high quality art works in stations, and the Running Series involving a themed train.

    All 13 stations on the Ui-Sinseol LRT line will be formed as art and culture space. Walls, floors, staircases, and the walls of escalators, will display works by up and coming artists. Some trains will be operated as “Running Series” trains wrapped up in a certain theme. The interior of these trains will be decorated in the theme of library, movie theater, and art museum. Two trains will begin test operations as Running Art Museum and Running Library starting on the opening day.

    < 24/7 monitoring of all facilities through CCTV (compartments, station, tunnels, etc.); placement of additional safety personnel during the initial stages of operation >

    Since all trains are computer operated, 2,755 additional staff will be stationed at Ui LRT to ensure thorough safety management during the initial stages of operation. All stations and trains will have 95 staff members daily over 29 days.

    403 CCTVs will be installed at compartments and stops and monitored by the general control tower 24/7. All 13 stations have screen doors installed.

    Fire-resistant aluminum was used inside the trains including the seats and an emergency exit and ramp, which can be easily operated following the instructions provided by the general control tower during an emergency, have been installed at the front and back of each train.

    Mobility convenience has been enhanced for vulnerable transportation users. Compartments are made to accommodate wheelchairs and strollers by eliminating doors and raised spots between compartments.

    The Ui-Sinseol LRT connects 13 stops (11.4Km) from Ui-dong in Gangbuk-gu to Sinseol-dong in Dongdaemun-gu at the same price of using the subway with a traffic card. With the opening of the new subway line in the area where buses were the only means of public transportation, the commute time is expected to be reduced by 30 minutes during rush hour in the Ui-Sinseol area.

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    Wide Colors Exhibition by Six Artists at Sinseol-dongWide Colors Exhibition by Six Artists at Sinseol-dong

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