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  • Two-Day World Tour to Take the Stage at Seoul Plaza

  • Integrated News SMG 2116

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold the Seoul Friendship Fair 2011 from May 7 to 8 at Seoul Plaza and around the Mugyo-dong area in downtown Seoul.

    The Seoul Friendship Fair, which celebrates its 16th edition this year, will bring together performance troupes from sister and friendship cities in nine countries, as well as foreign embassies, national tourism agencies, and cultural councils from 53 nations, in Korea. The participants will stage traditional performances and diverse events, including the World Food Court, Traditional Folk Art Exhibition and the World Costume Experience.

    An Information Fair will also be held at Cheonggye Plaza and around Taepyeong-ro during the period to provide foreign residents in Seoul with diverse sources of information. These events are expected to serve as a venue of global festival where both Korean nationals and foreigners can get together and participate.

    The Main Stage at Seoul Plaza will present traditional performances by performance troupes from nine cities worldwide. The Traditional Folk Art Exhibition and the World Costume Experience will present diverse events to see and enjoy in and around Seoul Plaza.

    The World Food Court, offering cuisine from 53 countries, will hold in the Mugyo-dong area, where people can “meet with the wider world and share their emotions, cultures and foods.”

    If you have foreign friends living in Korea, you are invited to participate with them in the Information Fair, which will take place at Cheonggye Plaza from 12 noon to 7 pm.

    Sin Myeon-ho, chief of the Economic Promotion Headquarters at the Seoul Metropolitan Government, said, “The Seoul Friendship Fair will provide a great opportunity to encounter many unique cultures from all around the world,” adding, “I hope that Seoul’s citizens will come and spend the May holidays with their families and friends at Seoul Plaza, where they will be able to experience many cultures from around the world at a single location.”