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  • Turning 34 Universities in Seoul into Green Campuses

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    Universities are usually regarded as energy-guzzling places. In connection with the ongoing energy saving campaign this summer, which is seeing one of the worst power supply situations in recent years, 34 universities in Seoul signed an agreement with Seoul City to join the campaign to save energy and reduce greenhouse gases.

    In a ceremony held on June 25[u1] , Seoul City and the presidents of 34 universities in Seoul agreed to work together to turn universities into green campuses and make Seoul an exemplary environmental city through energy saving and carbon dioxide reduction.

    At noon on June 25, Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon and the presidents of 34 universities in the city gathered together at the Korea Press Center and signed an agreement for joint efforts to reduce energy consumption by 10% by 2017.

    The representatives of universities vowed to fulfill their social responsibility by carrying out the green campus campaign to join in efforts to cope with climate change and pursue sustainable development through the ff.:▲ gradual execution of the plan for greenhouse gas reduction; ▲ launch of body dedicated to putting the goal of green campus into practice, and; ▲ prioritization of energy saving.

    They also agreed to join efforts to turn Seoul into an energy-producing city. Toward that end, they will set up a plan for the establishment of greenhouse gas inventory and low-carbon infrastructure within each university. Seoul City will provide diverse forms of support to universities in connection with their energy-saving activities, including provision of up to 2 billion won at a low rate of 2.0% per annum for buildings that newly install energy efficiency devices or adoption of a new & renewable energy system, such as solar power plant.

    Earlier in the day, the representatives of 34 universities in Seoul held the Inaugural Meeting for the Seoul Green Campus Council at Seoul City Hall. During the meeting, Sungkyunkwan University was elected as Chair University of the council, with Korea, Hanyang, and ChungAng Universities and Seoul National University of Science & Technology named Vice Chair Universities. Seoul National University was elected Auditor University.

    Said council will engage in the following activities in connection with the campaign to turn universities into green campuses: exchange of information, sharing of success cases with others, personnel exchanges, etc.

    The universities that agreed to join the Seoul City-initiated campaign accounted for 81% (i.e., 34 out of the 42 four-year universities).

    Later that day, Seoul City, Seoul Green Campus Council, and Seoul Institute held a symposium on how to form green campuses in commemoration of the launch of said council.

    Commenting on the launch, Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon noted that it is very significant for the representatives of universities to have agreed to join the energy saving campaign this summer when we are experiencing one of the worst power supply situations. “We at Seoul City will do everything we can to support their efforts to turn their schools into green campuses,” he vowed.

    List of universities that signed an agreement to join the energy-saving efforts

    School President Tel.
    Konkuk University Song Hee-yeong 450-3114
    Kyunghee University Jo In-won 961-0040
    Korea University Kim Byeong-cheol 3290-2765
    Kwangwoon University Kim Gi-yeong 940-5025
    Kookmin University Yu Ji-su 910-4136
    Korea Christian University Lim Seong-taek 2600-2400
    Duksung Women’s University Hong Seung-yong 901-8017
    Dongguk University Kim Hee-ok 2260-8568
    Dongduk Women’s University Kim Yeong-rae 940-4088
    Sangmyung University Kang Tae-beom 2287-5028
    Myongji University Yu Byeong-jin 1577-0020
    Sogang University Yu Gi-pung 705-8976
    Seokyeong University Choi Yeong-cheol 940-7027
    Seoul National University of Science & Technology Namgung Geun 970-6066
    Seoul National University of Education Shin Hang-gyun 3475-2227
    Seoul Christian University Lim Jong-un 380-2516
    Seoul National University O Yeon-cheon 880-5149
    University of Seoul Lee Geon 6490-6412
    Seongkonghoe University Lee Jeong-gu 2610-4142
    Sungkyunkwan University Kim Jun-yeong 760-1116
    Sungshin Women’s University Shim Hwa-jin 920-7049
    Sejong University Shin Gu 3408-3907
    Sookmyung Women’s University Hwang Seon-hye 710-9050
    Yonsei University Jeong Gap-yeong 2123-2201
    Ewha Womans University Kim Seon-uk 3277-2878
    ChungAng University Lee Yong-gu 820-6099
    Chongshin University Jeong Il-ung 3479-0215
    Korea National Open University Jo Nam-cheol 3668-4253
    Korea National University of Arts Park Jong-won 746-9071
    Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Park Cheol 2173-2114
    Hansung University Kang Sin-il 760-4114
    Hanyang University Lim Deok-ho 2220-0144
    Hanyoung Theological University Han Yeong-hun 2067-4533
    Hongik University Lim Hae-cheol 320-1022