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  • Turn Off Lights for 1 Hour to Protect Suffering Earth

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    Seoul City will participate in the “Earth Hour” campaign, which will be conducted simultaneously around the world for one hour from 8:30 pm on March 26.

    The Earth Hour campaign was originally started in Sydney, Australia in 2007 with the goal of raising awareness about the seriousness of global warming and of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The event starts in New Zealand on the last Saturday of March each year, continues in Seoul, and circumnavigates the globe in a westward direction, with people turning off their lights for an hour in turns like a Mexican wave.

    File photos of Earth Hour campaign [ Before switching off 'N Seoul Tower', After switching off 'N Seoul Tower']

    This year’s event will take place across Seoul City. More than 630,000 households and businesses, including landmark facilities (34 places), exemplary streets and apartment complexes (25 places), and large buildings (20 stories or higher) will take part. The figure represents an increase of about 45 percent by the 200,000 households that participated in the campaign last year.

    To minimize citizens’ inconvenience, the campaign will be conducted in three categories: one-hour switch off (compulsory participation), 30-minute switch off (participation encouraged), and 10-minute switch off (voluntary participation).