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  • Ttareungyi Receives High Level of Awareness and Satisfaction

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    Ttareungyi Receives High Level of Awareness and Satisfaction

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) conducted the 2017 Sharing City Policy Awareness Survey on-line between June 1 and 13, 2017 on 2,500 male and female subjects aged 19 and over residing in Seoul (standard deviation of ±1.96%p, 95% confidence interval).

    Since announcing the ‘Sharing City Seoul’ policy in 2012, the SMG has implemented various sharing projects including sharing cars, sharing parking lots, tool rental shops and Seoul Public Bike, Ttareungyi. The survey results revealed that the level of awareness and satisfaction regarding the sharing policies have reached a high level among Seoul citizens. 98% of respondents said that they have ‘heard about at least one sharing policy’ while the awareness level on sharing policies reached 58.3%. The satisfaction rate for major policies including Ttareungyi, Sharing Car and item sharing reach 90%.

    The sharing project that stood out most in the survey was Seoul Public Bike, Ttareungyi. With 73.5% of the users in their twenties and thirties, the project has significantly improved citizen mobility within the city through high connectivity with subways and buses. The user satisfaction rate is high at 91.1%, the highest among all projects, making it the most beloved sharing project.

    The awareness level of each sharing policy was high in the order of Public Bike (93.6%) > Sharing Car (88.8%) > Parking Lot Sharing (72.8%) > Share House (70.8%) > Baby Item Sharing (70.5%). The satisfaction rate for major sharing policies was high is the order of Public Bike (91.1%) > Tool Rental Shops (89.4%) > Sharing Car and Baby Product Sharing (89.1%) > Public Facility Sharing (84.7%) > Parking Lot Sharing (80.4%).

    Seoul Citizens use the sharing service because of its affordable cost and economic feasibility and convenience unrestrained by time. The SMG is in the process of promoting the Share Village Trial Project so that more citizens can feel the effects of the sharing policy in daily life. The SMG also plans to continue promoting and supporting sharing companies and organizations on a regular basis so that more citizens can enjoy various sharing policies.
    ※ The original copy of the data can be downloaded at http://english.sharehub.kr/.