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  • Try Everything 2020 – Opening of a Large Scale Start-up Festival

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    Try Everything 2020, a global start-up festival under the slogan “Try everything without fearing failure” that aptly describes the challenges start-ups take up, will be held for three days from Wed, Sep. 16 to Fri, Sep. 18 at The Shilla Seoul Hotel without an audience in a non-contact participation manner.
    150 experts of the start-up ecosystem from more than 10 countries, including the US and France, and 300 domestics as well as foreign start-ups will participate in Try Everything 2020. The event, including the opening ceremony, seminars, and contest, will be held online without an on-site audience to comply with social distancing and COVID-19 disinfection.
    For three days during the event, innovative technologies of start-ups, such as AI and fintech, will be introduced to the US, Europe and Vietnam among others, experts in the global start-up ecosystem and eminent figures will gather online and offline to share the trends of the ecosystem and know-hows of success, and more than 60 start-ups will be positioned for investment attraction in 8 pitching contests and 1:1 meet-ups* between start-ups and VCs.
    *Meet-up: a meeting between investors and start-ups; support for attracting investment through introducing the start-ups’ technologies and products, investment consulting, etc.
    Currently, it is time for all start-ups around the world to take recoverable measures due to the COVID-19 crisis. Eminent figures that any start-up would be eager to meet—including Tim Draper, a famous American investor and chairman of DFJ; Saeed Amidi, founder of PNP, one of the three major incubators in Silicon Valley; John Hennessy, chairman of Alphabet, the holding company of Google; and Ma Yun, former chairman of Alibaba—will participate to share their insight.
    To compensate for the limited opportunities to share the experiences and know-hows between investors and start-ups due to the prolonged situation of COVID-19, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will operate the event as a grand start-up festival where global start-up experts can find opportunities for growth, such as seeking markets, investments and technical cooperations, and share the direction for development and vision about the global ecosystem of start-ups.
    ① Discussing the development of the start-up ecosystem in Seoul and how to enter the global market:
    Start-ups will share the growth of the start-up ecosystem in Seoul and its global trends, and discuss the strategies of how to develop into global start-ups with global players, such as global entrepreneurs and investors, so that Seoul can take a leap towards becoming a global start-up city.
    The SMG has plans to make this event an opportunity to build a cooperative relationship with domestic and foreign start-up support institutions and start-ups, make Seoul a good city in which to start a business, and provide start-ups with the chance to attract VC investments and enter the global market.
    Experts in not only advanced nations with start-ups, such as the US and Europeans countries, but new emerging start-up markets, such as Vietnam and India, as well as officials from AI, fintech and manufacturing start-ups will gather in the event to let participants grasp the trends of the local start-up ecosystem for each industry.
    On Thu, Sep. 17, Tim Draper, who invested in companies such as Skype, Twitter and Tesla so that they can grow into global players, will give the keynote speech about the “Conditions for Successful Start-ups and Entrepreneurship” in line with this year’s slogan “Try Everything: Make it Possible.”
    Presentations will be followed by presenters, including J.F. Gauthier, CEO of Startup Genome, on “The Recovery of Economy Driven by the Eco-system of Start-ups,” “Construction of Environment for Investment for Incubating Unicorn Companies,” followed by discussions with global experts in start-ups.
    ② Attracting investment and providing opportunities for growth for start-ups through 8 online/offline contests:
    For three days of Try Everything 2020, 60 start-ups will participate in 8 contests to win a chance to attract investment and enter overseas markets.
    On Fri, Sep. 18, there will be “Create a Better Life with Startups.” Three promising start-ups in the fields of edutech and big data will be provided more than KRW 1 billion by Kyowon Group.
    There will also be the contests to select start-ups in the fields of energy, bio and hardware that will be given the opportunities to enter the global market. Three contests from Sep. 16–18 will be the arena to select start-ups to enter the markets of France (3) and China (2).
    On Fri, Sep. 18, there will be “Korea Challenge Contest” a contest in which start-ups from throughout the country, including those of Gyeonggi and Chungnam, will participate. The contest takes place for the eco-system of start-ups not only in Seoul but throughout the country to grow. Three selected start-ups will benefit from the supports for accelerating in Europe.
    “Try Everything Now: Start-up Audition for All People” will also be held on Fri, Sep. 18. In this contest, anyone who has the idea to start a business can participate in the form of individuals or teams.
    ③ Providing the opportunity to invest in start-ups through online exhibition and 1:1 meet-ups between VCs and start-ups:
    This event will feature an “online start-up exhibition hall” instead of on-site exhibition booths to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on the official event website (www.tryeverything.or.kr), in which more than 100 start-ups will participate.
    Additionally, from Wed, Sep. 16 to Fri, Sep. 18, 1:1 meet-ups will take place where 300 start-ups and 45 investors will meet each other to attract actual investment in innovative technologies and products. More than 450 meet-ups will be held at 15 separate booths installed in the backyard (outdoor) of Yeong Bin Gwan of the Shilla Seoul Hotel.
    The “1:5 Mentor & Mentee” program will also give start-ups the opportunity to learn strategies and know-how and satisfy curiosity through conversation with senior start-ups. They will be able to hear the successful cases of senior start-ups, such as KOSDAQ companies as well as pre-unicorn companies, and benefit from mentoring.
    The event will be conducted without an audience to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by operating an online exhibition hall for start-ups and streaming the programs on YouTube. Thorough disinfection will be implemented for on-site participants; such as keynote speakers.
    For detailed information and schedule of Try Everything 2020, visit the official website (www.tryeverything.or.kr). You can also watch each session live via YouTube on a channel that will be created on the day of the event and participate by leaving comments.