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  • Trial Run of “S-Taxi” App Opens for Citizens to Pick and Ride Available Taxis

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    On June 1, 2019, Seoul will begin a trial operation of the Seoul Taxi App, “S-Taxi.” This application will apply the concept of expanding from the basic, offline use of empty and available taxis to an online form.

    The Seoul Taxi App was developed to stay true to the basics of citizens calling for taxis, but it differs in the process of passengers choosing their destinations while allowing drivers to choose passengers. This app will not induce competitiveness, but rather will play a role of supplementation. It is anticipated that the app will broaden the scope of choice for citizens who need taxis and made the use of taxis more convenient.

    Seoul will form a citizen committee for participation by businesses and citizens, provide data from monitored trial operations to the citizen committee, and seek ways for more a convenient use of the app that produces win-win results for both citizens and drivers.

    During the trial operation period (starting June 1, 2019), the app will only be available through Android-based smartphones with a download of the Seoul Taxi App, “S-Taxi.”

    S-Taxi - 서울 택시승차앱 설치 페이지 및 사용 화면

    Unlike the public call app available through smartphones to taxi drivers, the Seoul Taxi App will offer services through a taxi payment machine, and taxi drivers can easily use the services through a user agreement that does not require a separate download.