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  • Transparent Plastic Bottles Separately Disposed by Seoul Citizens Reborn as Leggings!

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) signed an MOU with Hyosung TNC as well as Geumcheon-gu, Yeongdeungpo-gu and Gangnam-gu Offices in order to enhance the recycling rate of waste transparent plastic bottles and create high added value. As a result, products including clothing and bags created through recycling were released on March 10.

    The first products that were released are eight types of Love Seoul edition of Pleats MAMA, including leggings and pleats bags. The SMG collected and sorted transparent plastic bottles in each autonomous district, Hyosung TNC turned the bottles into yarn of Regen Seoul, brand of polyester made of recycled plastic, and Pleats MAMA turned the fabric into products and sell them.

    The eight types of clothing under the Love Seoul edition that have been released this time have been on sale since March 10 in the Pleats MAMA store in the Hyundai Seoul and on the Pleats MAMA website.

    Since last December, people living in apartments have been following the mandatory separate disposal of transparent plastic bottles. Before it was made obligatory, recycling with high added value was limited as transparent plastic bottles were not separated when disposed. On the other hand, the recycled materials are imported from overseas in the industry. Therefore, this product launch can act as an experiment to prepare for a “local recycling of resources and circulating economy” where not only the disposed resources are recycled but local wastes are consumed within local communities.

    The SMG will continue to expand the structure for the local recycling of resources and circulating economy and plan to publicly purchase the recycled items or products that are not consumed by individual consumers.