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  • Transformation of the Sewoon Shopping Center

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    Transformation of the Sewoon Shopping Center

    The Dasi (Again) Sewoon Project transformed the old Sewoon Shopping Center which was once the mecca of Korea’s electronics industry into a hub of the fourth industrialization through urban regeneration. Three and a half years have gone by since implementing the project in 2014. The Jongmyo-Sewoon Shopping Center-Daerim Shopping Center section has been completed and will open to the public on September 19, 2017.

    The Dasi (Again) Sewoon Project focused on ① Pedestrian Regeneration, ② Industrial Regeneration, and ③ Community Regeneration to implement a successful regeneration that also operates programs that activate the industry and the local community.

    The three-story overhead pedestrian bridge between Sewoon Shopping Center and Daerim Shopping Center, which was dismantled in 2005 during the Cheonggyecheon Stream restoration, will be resurrected after 12 years with the name ‘Again Sewoon Pedestrian Bridge’ (total extension of 58m).

    Transformation of the Sewoon Shopping Center

    On the eight floor rooftop of Sewoon Shopping Center, the Seoul Roof will open to become a new observatory and shelter that provides a great panoramic view of the metropolitan area featuring Namsan Mountain and Jongmyo Shrine.

    Sewoon Shopping Center and Daerim Shopping Center will be flanked on both sides by a walking deck 500 meters long and three-stories tall. The deck will be connected to the ground floor through escalators, elevators and stairs and lead to Cheonggyecheon Stream and other places. The three-dimensional pedestrian network is one of the key elements of the Dasi (Again) Sewoon Project, which is expected to lead an inflow of tourists and activate the local economy.

    The Greenway Park in front of Sewoon Shopping Center is now a comprehensive culture space called Again Sewoon Square where various events can be held. A multipurpose hall and cultural property exhibition hall is formed in the basement of the square.

    The Sampung Shopping Center–Jinyang Shopping Center–Nambusunhwan-ro section has designated an international design contest winner in June 2017 and is currently in the process of creating a basic design and practical design. Construction is set to begin next year with the aim for completion by 2020.