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  • Transformation of Seoul’s Public Transport Use Due to COVID-19, Surging Use of Ttareungi

  • Traffic News SMG 623

    In 2020, fewer Seoul citizens used public transport (i.e. bus, subway) due to COVID-19. However, the use of Ttareungi shared bikes surged drastically as citizens began showing higher interest in personal mobility.
    The total users of public transport (i.e. bus, subway) in 2020 was 3.4 billion, decreased by 1.2 billion (25.9%) compared to 2019. However, the number of Ttareungi rentals was 23.7 million, increased by 4.67 million (24.6%) compared to 2019.

    It seems that people used public transport less as people stayed at home as the city’s social distancing campaign started and many started to work from home due to COVID-19.

    On the other hand, citizens’ preference for bicycles—as a mode of personal mobility—increased the number of Ttareungi users, even during commuting hours as well. In particular, Ttareungi is loved as a mode of transportation in daily life as the usage rate of Ttareungi for last mile of transportation has surged to 9%, which is similar to that of buses and subway.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will utilize big data on transportation to develop various transportation policies that meet the demands of citizens and for diverse studies to improve the convenience of transportation.