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  • Transformation of the Area Under the Hannam Overpass into Downtown Rest Area

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    Transformation of the Area Under the Hannam Overpass into Downtown Rest Area
    Awning Structures at Night Cafe
    Awning Structures at Night Cafe

    Source: Photographer Lee Geon-yeop

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) transformed the area under the Hannam Overpass, which has been abandoned as a desolate space hidden under the shade of the overpass with few visitors, into a nature-filled rest area where citizens can take a rest under the petals in bloom.

    In the tiered patch of land which was dark and cold, nine morning-glory-shaped, snow-white awning structures were established to form a flower bed. LED lights were installed inside the structure so that the nightscape with LED lights can brighten the view of pedestrians and richen up the urban landscape under the overpass.

    Under the awning structures, hexagonal benches, which embody the six petals of morning glory, were installed as a space where citizens can rest comfortably and enjoy. A hexagon-shaped cafe (daily operation from 9 AM to 9 PM), designed in line with the awning structures, was also established. Restrooms for men and women were constructed as well.

    Starting in 2021, the SMG will operate this place for art and culture activities, such as exhibitions, busking, and flea markets for citizens.

    the area under the Hannam Overpass has a large floating population as a large-scale performance hall (Blue Square), and bus stops and a subway station (Hangangjin Station, Line 6) are located nearby. It is expected that the place will no longer be just passed through but rather visited for citizens to take a rest and enjoy the arts, culture, and performances. The SMG is devising the “Guidelines for Utilizing Areas Down Under Overpasses” to help each autonomous district pursue projects after six pilot projects are completed.