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  • Traffic Measures Implemented for the Lunar New Year Holiday

  • Transport News SMG 7427

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will implement the “Special Traffic Measures for the Lunar New Year holiday” so that citizens can safely and comfortably travel to their hometowns for the Lunar New Year holiday, which is a national holiday. Seoul will expand the operation of public transportation and distribute traffic volume through the urban highway traffic forecasting service. In addition, the city will make every effort to improve communication and safety management in the city.

    First of all, Seoul decided to extend the subway and bus operation time by 2 hours from Saturday night, January 28th to Sunday 2am, January 29th, 2017, during which the highest numbers of passengers use the transportation, reflecting the traffic patterns shown during the Lunar New Year holidays for the last three years.

    The operation of subway lines No.1 to 9 are being extended until 2am (from existing 12am to 2am) based on the arrival to the terminal station, so passengers should check the operation time in advance because the schedule for the last train would be different according to the station and the destination.

    The city bus operation will be also extended to 2am. A total of 133 bus services passing by five train stations, including Seoul Station, Yongsan Station, Yeongdeungpo Station, Cheongnyangni Station and Suseo Station where SRT is open, as well as four bus terminals, including Seoul Express Bus Terminal, Dongseoul Bus Terminal, Nambu Bus Terminal and Sangbong Bus Terminal, will extend their operation. In addition, 70 buses for nine lines of owl buses and 2,400 taxis for late-night transportation will operate throughout the holiday season.

    In addition, Seoul has begun special inspection of public transportation facilities to ensure safe operation from January 11th, 2017. During the holiday season, special safety management for areas vulnerable to traffic accidents and traffic and drinking controls at major points in the city center will be implemented as well.

    For information on the special traffic measures during the Lunar New Year holidays, such as the times for last services of public transportation, visit Seoul Transport Operation and Information Service (http://topis.seoul.go.kr).


    Schedules for Last Subway Trains

    ◆ Express Bus Terminal Station (Line 3)
    ○ Bound for Ogeum Station 01:18 am, Suseo Station 01:45 am
    ○ Bound for Daehwa Station 00:40 am, Gupabal Station 01:26 am, Apgujeong Station 01:54 am

    ◆ Express Bus Terminal Station (Line 7 Express Bus Terminal Station)
    ○ Bound for Bupyeong-gu Office Station 01:04 am, Onsu Station 01:33 am, Sinpung Station 01:55 am, Naebang Station 02:16 am
    ○ Bound for Jangam Station 00:51 am, Dobongsan Station 01:16 am, Konkuk Univ. Station 01:38 am, Cheongdam Station 02:02 am

    ◆ Express Bus Terminal Station (Line 9 Express Bus Terminal Station)
    ○ Bound for Gaehwa Station 01:15 am, Dangsan Station 01:35 am
    ○ Bound for Sports Complex Station 01:33 am, Sinnonhyeon Station 01:53 am

    ◆ Dongseoul Bus Terminal (Line 2 Gangbyeon Station)
    ○ Inner Circle Line: Bound for Seongsu Station 00:32 am, Euljiro 1(il) ga Station 00:54 am, Hongik Univ. Station 01:16 am, Seoul Nat’l Univ. Station 01:38 am, Samseong Station 02:00 am
    ○ Outer Circle Line: Bound for Samseong Station 00:56 am, Sindorim Station 01:18 am, Hongik Univ. Station 01:40 am, Seongsu Station 02:02 am

    ◆ Nambu Bus Terminal Station (Line 3)
    ○ Bound for Ogeum Station 01:22 am, Suseo Station 01:49 am
    ○ Bound for Daehwa Station 00:35 am, Gupabal Station 01:21 am, Apgujeong Station 01:49 am

    ◆ Sangbong Bus Terminal (Line 7 Sangbong Station)
    ○ Bound for Bupyeong-gu Office Station 00:38 am, Onsu Station 01:07 am, Sinpung Station 01:29 am, Naebang Station 01:50 am
    ○ Bound for Jangam Station 01:17 am, Dobongsan Station 01:42 am

    ◆ Seoul Station (Line 1)
    ○ Bound for Seodongtan Station 10:59 pm, Byeongjeom Station 11:36 pm, Incheon Station 00:27 am
    ○ Bound for Soyosan Station 00:09 am, Kwangwoon Univ. Station 00:50 am, Dongmyo Station 01:48 am

    ◆ Seoul Station (Line 4)
    ○ Bound for Oido Station 11:44 pm, Ansan Station 11:22 pm, Geumjeong Station 00:37 am, Sadang Station 01:44 am
    ○ Bound for Danggogae Station 01:23 am, Hansung Univ. Station 01:46 am

    ◆ Cheongnyangni Station (Line 1, National Railroad)
    ○ Bound for Seodongtan Station 10:41 pm, Byeongjeom Station 11:18 pm, Incheon Station 00:09 am, Seoul Station 01:42 am
    ○ Bound for Soyosan Station 00:27 am, Kwangwoon Univ. Station 01:09 am

    ◆ Suseo Station (Line 3)
    ○ Bound for Daehwa Station 00:19 am, Gupabal Station 01:05 am, Apgujeong Station 01:33 am
    ○ Bound for Ogeum Station 01:39 am

    ◆ Gimpo Int’l Airport Station (Line 9)
    ○ Bound for Gaehwa 02:00 am
    ○ Bound for Sports Complex Station 00:49 am, Sinnonhyeon 01:09 am, Saetgang 01:29 am, Gayang 01:49am

    ◆ Gimpo Int’l Airport Station (Line 5)
    ○ Bound for Banghwa Station 02:02 am
    ○ Bound for Macheon Station 00:24 am, Sangildong Station 00:46 am, Gunja Station 01:07 am, Aeogae Station 01:33 am