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  • Traditional Markets in Seoul offering up to 50% D/C on 2nd & 4th Sundays

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has named the second and fourth Sundays of each month as “Traditional Market Days” and begun to support traditional markets in a variety of ways, including direct financial assistance for delivery, advertising and coupon printing costs, to enable them to recover their competitiveness against the big retail chains. The markets will offer various produce and other merchandise at incredibly reduced prices on the second and fourth Sundays of each month starting from May 27, 2012 (Sunday).

    Direct sales of meat at a traditional market , Direct sales of produce at a traditional market

    Specifically, forty-four traditional markets in fifteen districts of Seoul are participating in the scheme including Seoul Jungang Market in Jung-gu and Junggok Jeil Market in Gwangjin-gu. The city administration is planning to encourage more traditional markets to join in the scheme with the expectation that vendors will see for themselves the merits of the arrangement and be eager to jump on the bandwagon. The participating markets sell good quality produce at 30% off and offer maximum discounts of 50% on a great variety of everyday items. They also present discount stamps (Anyone who collects a certain number of coupons will be eligible for a discount.), discount coupons and gift certificates to customers depending on how much they buy, and through a variety of events.

    An event being held at a traditional market , Produce to be supplied on the “Traditional Market Day” , Produce being harvested for supply on the “Traditional Market Day”