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  • Traditional Culture Experience Performance “MiSuDa”

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    Traditional Culture Experience Performance “MiSuDa”

    Yet another opportunity to form new relationships…

     Hanbok Experience

    Hanbok Experience: Put on the traditional hanbok and discover the beauty of Korea

     Hanbok Experience

    Tea Ceremony Experience: Learn more about the relaxing properties of Korean tea and traditional etiquette.

     Hanbok Experience

    Music Appreciation: Opportunity to appreciate traditional music of the highest quality.
    (With guides available in English, Japanese and Chinese anyone can enjoy this program)

    Picked as the most popular performance by the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts

    Reviews by audience members who have watched the traditional culture experience performance MiSuDA:
    Only 1 stop from Myeongdong!

    Recommended for anyone who is in Seoul for the first time. (20s, female, Japan)

    As a teacher, I wanted to learn the tea ceremony as well as sip on tea as I appreciate not only the musicians’ expressions but feel their every breathe as they perform right in front of me. (30s, female, Kenya)

    It was great that regardless of whether you were an adult or child, you could wear the hanbok and experience the traditional tea ceremony. The music performed each time is slightly different; I will come with my friends next time. (40s, female, Malaysia)

    The hanbok and accessories were very pretty and there were so many varieties I took some time to choose what to wear. Today I felt like I transformed into the lead actress of a drama. (50s, Female, Germany)

    The worry I had that there would be no Chinese translation was unnecessary. Throughout the experience, the Chinese staff was together with us. (60s, female, China)

    Date 2013.01.15 (Tue) ~ 2013.12.21 (Sat)
    Location Seoul Namsan Gugakdang
    Time 15th January ~ 21st December 2013
    Inquiries Seoul Namsan Gugakdang 02-2261-0501~2
    Age 36 months and above
    Tickets Adult 50,000won
    Child (below 13 years) 35,000won
    • Sejong Subscribers (Premium 30%, Gold 20%)
    • – Handicapped, Men of National Merit 50%
      (Full fee will be charged if welfare card/merit certificate is not produced)
    • – Group discount for min. 10pax 30% (Reservations: 1544-1555)
    • – Guests wearing hanbok 20% (Full fee will be charged for those not wearing hanbok)
    • – Int…