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  • Tourists from Southeast Asia Visit Seoul to ‘Enjoy Seoul Winter’

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    Two four-member teams of tourists who were invited to experience Seoul, the center of the hallyu phenomenon sweeping the Southeast Asia region, paid a three-day visit to Korea from January 6.

    A scene from the movie Hello Stranger – Myeong-dong, Sisterday & Wake Club, special shows on Seoul

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government broadcast two special programs, Sisterday, and Wake Club, which served to introduce the shooting locations of famous movies and aspects of hallyu culture via Thai national TV stations during October and November 2011. In conjunction with the programs, the City Government recruited members of delegations for a Seoul tour and experience via a post-broadcasting event conducted in Thai and English.

    Two people each were selected as members of the experience tour teams from Indonesia and the Philippines from among 2,338 participants in the second event. They visited various shooting locations – such as N Tower and the cable car on Namsan, and Myeong-dong – from the movie Hello Stranger, which was immensely popular in the Southeast Asian region, including Thailand, during their visit.

    The dynamic activities they participated in during their time in Seoul were documented and produced as a video for screening on the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Facebook channel, which has 78,000 members.

    ※ View the program and visit the post-broadcasting event page