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  • Tourism City of Seoul Introduced in 69 Countries via BBC World

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    Seoul’s hallyu tourism, medical tourism, and many of its major attractions will be introduced on Fast Track, the flagship tourism program of the BBC, in 69 countries worldwide including 26 Asian nations and 43 European countries. The show will air at 03:30 GMT on November 5 and 04:30 GMT on November 12.

    Reporter, a fan of Hallyu, Production team filming at Lotte World

    Since the show will also be rerun six times according to regional broadcasting schedules, it will be aired eight times in total around the world.

    The program has been produced and is set to air on the BBC thanks to a combination of Seoul Metropolitan Government’s efforts to attract tourists from Europe and Southeast Asia, who are considerably fewer in number than those from Japan and China, the K-pop fever that is sweeping the world, and the BBC’s plan to shed light on medical tourism in Korea.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government expects the Fast Track program, which will introduce Seoul to BBC World viewers in two 30-minute episodes, will make a practical contribution to promoting the Korean capital as an attractive city.

    Fast Track’s production team started planning the Seoul edition in August 2011. Then, producer Dawn Lake and reporter Razan Datar visited Seoul in person with their camera crew, and filmed sights and sounds in the city between October 21 and 28.

    In Fast Track’s Seoul edition, the production team will introduce hallyu culture, which is highly popular all around the world, present in-depth coverage on the current status of medical tourism, and showcase diverse tourist hotspots in Seoul.

    Meanwhile, BBC World is also producing a 30-minute mini-documentary titled One Square Mile on Seoul, which will introduce the life of Seoul citizens on its own, and will air the show on December 24.