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  • Touch4good Named 2013 Environment Grand Prize Recipient by Seoul City

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    Touch4good was named recipient of the 2013
    Environment Grand Prize by Seoul City for its role in the development of
    environment-friendly everyday habits, including the adoption of upcycling related
    to waste tarpaulin, invigoration of recycling, and 
    optimizing urban-type
    environmental education.


    Seoul City asked district offices and environment/energy
    organizations to recommend those engaging in voluntary activities for
    environmental conservation as candidates for the prize, which was launched in
    2008. This year, a total of 96 people or organizations were submitted as


    A total of 21 people or organizations were
    finally selected as prize winners for the year based on screening jointly conducted
    by the City Auditor, experts at environmental/energy institutions, and members
    of the screening committee.


    Grand Prize winner Touch4good is a social
    enterprise run by those in their 20s and 30s. It makes practical goods loved by
    young people using waste materials such as waste tarpaulin and carries out
    environmental education for children.


    The Grand Prize was also awarded to the
    following: Ecotop Co., for its development of technology for the restoration of
    the natural environment; Mr. Park Seung-ok for his effort in the construction
    of solar power plants; stage company Nalja for its activities designed to help
    children enhance their environmental consciousness; Yurim Landscaping, which
    set up a plan for the formation of a neighborhood park in Chang-dong, and;
    Green Elpis for its role in the improvement of the environment of a shanty


    Second-tier prizes were awarded to the
    following: three organizations in the green technology sector; three
    organizations in the energy-saving sector; four organizations in the
    environmental conservation sector; three organizations in the
    landscaping/ecology sector, and; two organizations in the green village sector.


    The prize-awarding ceremony was held with
    500-plus people attending, including families of prize winners and ordinary
    citizens. A fashion show featuring hand-held fans and cool business attire was
    held as an ancillary event.