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  • Top14 Can’t-Miss Festivals in Seoul This Year

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    Yongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival

    14 festivals are selected as representative festivals in Seoul called ‘Brand Festivals’ for each season. For those who missed Seoul International Fireworks Festival and Seoul Lantern Festival, Seoul Metropolitan Government prepares other festival schedules. Check the schedules in advance and have a great time all through the year!

    When flowers are fluttering into the air with spring breeze

    When spring comes, we should go out flower viewing! Starting with cherry-blossom festival and following of Seoul Jungnang Rose Festival, Yeon Deung Hoe Event (Lotus Lantern Festival) will make spring in Seoul more beautiful.

    First of all, when cherry-blossom starts to bloom, ‘Yongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival’
    is opened along Yeouiseo-ro street (1.7km) where the street shows magnificent scene. Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival celebrating its 12th anniversary this year is a leading spring festival in Korea with 6 million visitors.

    In spring, you can’t miss roses, the queen of flowers. During ‘Seoul Jungnang Rose Festival’ on May, the whole area of Junghwa Sports Park and Surim Grand Park is blanketed with roses. 5.1km long rose tunnel, temple of roses and rose flower parade will make your May perfumed with flowers.

    When Buddha’s Birthday in May comes, Seoul’s spring night lights up with colorful Yeon Deung (Lotus Lantern). Jogyesa Temple and Cheonggyecheon will hold traditional lantern exhibition, and lotus lantern parade will take place from Dongdaemun to Jogyesa Temple. ‘Yeon Deung Hoe’ is the 122nd Important Intangible Cultural Properties and has 1,300 years of history from Silla Dynasty to Joseon Dynasty. It is a traditional folk festival and has a meaning and value beyond religious event.

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    ‘Seoul Drum Festival’ will be held at Seoul Plaza this year, which bits your heart. So far, the festival has invited the best overseas and domestic artists and showed the best performance content. And it will be back with greater and more wonderful line-up.

    Seoul Jungnang Rose Festival

    Wow! It’s summer!

    When it comes to summer, dabbling in water is the best. You can play in water in Seoul without going to beach. ‘Sinchon Watergun Festival’ will be opened at Yonsei-ro car-free street, in Sinchon so that it will blow off scorching sunlight and waves of heat rising from the blacktop. Not only big scale of water gun battle but also water slides and DJ shows will make the atmosphere of festival the best.

    In Hangang River, famous for a summer retreat in Seoul, ‘Hangang River Summer Festival’ will be held. The festival has 10 million people every year and it will be the biggest a riverside culture festival including Hangang River swimming pool, water leisure sports programs, and campgrounds.

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    Seoul’s summer night is hotter than day. ‘Seoul Culture Night’ will be held at Seoul Plaza and Dongdaemun History & Culture Park. You can feel captivating summer night with programs such as Night Owl Festival, Citizen’ Plaza that are waiting for your participation.

    ‘Chungmuro International Musical Film Festival’ will be opened at Chungmu Art Hall and DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza). You can enjoy ‘All That Musical’ showing musical films of all countries of the world and see performances with live recordings and original musical works.

    Sinchon Watergun Festival

    Take the journey back to the past in fall

    When Seoul turns yellow and red, ‘Go, Go Jongno Culture Festival’ starts at the whole area of Jongno-gu, such as Insa-dong and Cheonggyecheon Stream, etc. It is a festival that takes you to the past. Seoul with more than 2,000 years of history and plentiful cultural resources invites you to Insa Korean Art & Cultural Festival, Yukuijeon Festival, Korean Royal Cuisine Festival, and Festival of Korean Traditional Clothes.

    At Gwanghwamun Plaza, ‘Seoul Arirang Festival’ will be held. This festival, in its 4th year, will become a representative of culture art festivals by performing the largest ever Arirang performance.

    At the end of autumn, ‘Seoul International Fireworks Festival’, the highlight of festivals in Seoul, will take place to fill autumn night sky with fireworks. Also, don’t miss ‘Hi Seoul Festival’ held in various places in Seoul City.

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    Seoul International Fireworks Festival

    Festivals are going on in winter

    As Gimjang (preparing for kimchi for the winter) is a representative Korean culture, it was registered in a UNESCO World Heritage List. To bridge tradition and modernity and to harmonize with people from all countries of the world, Seoul Metropolitan Government has held ‘Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival’ since 2014. It will be held at Seoul Plaza, Gwanghwamun Square and the whole area of Taepyeong-ro street, and it will be the festival where you can feel, experience and taste Korean culture.

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    ‘Seoul Lantern Festival’ brightens up Cheonggyecheon Stream with lanterns. It becomes a representative of Seoul festival that attracts many foreign travelers. In winter night, you can’t miss the spectacle with hundreds of thousands of lanterns with various themes every year.

    Seoul Lantern Festival

    For detailed dates, times and locations of monthly festivals, please refer to Cultural Events Calendar at the Official Website of Seoul Metropolitan Government updated every end of the month.

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    Go to Cultural Events Calendar webpage of the Official Website of Seoul Metropolitan Government