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  • Top 30 Seoul Brand Contest Entries Selected Amid Astonishing Competition Rate of 538:1

  • SMG 3831

    With the goal of finding a new brand to represent Seoul City, the “Seoul Brand International Open Idea Contest” was held from July 20 to September 1. Thirty of the top entries (10 slogans, 20 BIs) were selected from among a total of 16,147 submissions (13,975 slogans and 2,172 BIs) from Korea and countries around the world, representing an astonishing competition rate of around 538:1.

    Contest Period Domestic International Total
    BI Slogan BI Slogan
    July 20~ September 1 2,021 13,459 151 516 16,147


    The number of participants (8,064) was double that of the competition for the city brand in 2002, recording the highest number of entries among all open competitions held by Seoul Metropolitan Government. The top 30 winning entries were selected through four stages of highly competitive examinations.

    On October 28, 2015, Seoul City is slated to unveil the top 30 winners through an event titled “Meeting with 1000 Citizens to Select the Seoul Brand,” which will be followed by an awards ceremony. Later in the day, the final selection of the new Seoul brand will be made among the top 3 entries by a vote of 1,000 Seoul citizens and announced publicly.

    The new Seoul brand, slated to be unveiled to the public on October 28, will be put into use starting next year, replacing the previous Seoul City brands hi_seoul and soul_of_asia and serving as the new symbol representing Seoul City on the global stage.

    Regarding the selection of the city brand, the process is conducted entirely through the participation of Seoul citizens, and the entire selection process and related articles are disclosed via the official Seoul Brand website (http://seoulbrand.go.kr).