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  • Top 10 Seoul News Stories of 2015, Selected by Seoul Citizens

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    Would you like to know which news stories about Seoul, personally selected by Seoul citizens, were the most popular in 2015? The story about the “100,000 Citizen Safety Guards,” a project that aims to train one percent of all Seoul citizens how to respond to crisis situations, topped the list with 15.8 percent of the votes.

    The news that ranked third on the list, with seven percent of the votes, was that of the “Hangang Summer Festival,” a major summer festival held in 11 Hangang parks across Seoul, where over 11 million citizens participate in 65 programs, including camping, a paper boat race, and a fashion show.

    The Top 10 Seoul News Stories of 2015 were selected by 148,159 Seoul citizens and government officials (146,255 citizens and 1,904 city government officials) from among the major policies pursued and implemented by Seoul Metropolitan Government in 2015. And the related poll was conducted both online and offline for a period of about four weeks, from November 18 to December 13, 2015, during which time, a total of 338,750 votes were submitted.

    View “Top 10 Seoul News Stories of 2015”: http://www.seoul.go.kr