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  • Top 10 Seoul News of 2019 Chosen by Seoul Citizens with ‘Ttareungi’ Ranking First

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    Once again, the best Seoul policy chosen by citizens for this year was ‘Ttareungi.’ According to the results of the online and offline citizen vote on 「Top 10 Encouraging Seoul News of 2019」 conducted in November, ‘Ttareungi’ amassed 20,309 votes (6.4%) to rank no. 1 for three consecutive years.

    The citizen vote on the 「Top 10 Seoul News of 2019」 took place from November 14 to December 8, 2019 for twenty-five days with participation by 151,325 individuals, and voters chose up to three policies from among Seoul’s main thirty policies. The total number of votes received was 318,268.

    The no. 1 policy that changed citizens’ lives was ‘Ttareungi, Public Bike of Seoul’ (20,309 votes, 6.4%), and Ttareungi saw a breakthrough of more than 1.7 million accumulated users this year with over 30 million Ttareungi rentals. This number amounts to a three-time use of ‘Ttareungi’ by every Seoul resident.

    The no. 2 policy that encouraged Seoul residents in 2019 was the ‘installment of S-Net, free public Wi-Fi throughout Seoul’ (19,881, 6.2%).

    Placing third was the Dolbom SOS Center (17,619, 5.5) that resolved care concerns within families for citizens needing housekeeping and nursing.

    This year, policies for youths like the 2030 Housing for Young Adults in Station Influence Areas (13,972, 4.4%) that solves the problem of housing for youths and newlyweds and the Expansion of Housing Support for Newlywed Couples (13,105, 4.1%) were chosen among the top ten policies.

    Other top-ranking policies included generation- and subject-oriented policies like the ‘Visiting Community Center’ (no. 4, 5.1%) that closely examines the welfare and health of the elderly and vulnerable classes, ‘Seoul with No Concerns for Fine Particulate Matter’ (no. 6, 4.4%) for a clear and clean Seoul, and the ‘comprehensive cultural space, Seoul Book Bogo’ (no. 9, 4.1%) that opened this year providing visitors with books and relaxation.

    ※ Final results of the Top 10 Seoul News of 2019

    Final results of the Top 10 Seoul News of 2019
    Ranking Policy Votes Percentage
    1 Ttareungi Eco-friendly transportation that is at times faster than a car 20,309 6.4%
    2 Public Wi-Fi S-Net Full guarantee of citizens’ basic communication rights 19,881 6.2%
    3 Dolbom SOS Center from Dolbom registration to care! 17,619 5.5%
    4 Visiting Community Center Village and welfare made together with residents 16,363 5.1%
    5 Installment of Japanese Military ‘Comfort Women’ Memorial Remembering history together 14,933 4.7%
    6 Seoul with No Concerns for Fine Particulate Matter to feel a clear and refreshing Seoul! 13,993 4.4%
    7 2030 Housing for Young Adults in Station Influence Areas Stable housing for university students, youths, and newlyweds 13,972 4.4%
    8 Expansion of Housing Resources for Newlyweds For newlyweds seeking to be free from housing concerns! 13,105 4.1%
    9 Seoul Book Bogo A comprehensive cultural space where books become treasures 13,010 4.1%
    10 Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market A market festival that brings together shopkeepers, customers, and culture 12,530 3.9%