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  • The Top-10 News Picks for 2017 by Seoul Citizens

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    Seoul City has announced the “Seoul 2017 Top-10 News” with a positive response from citizens during the year 2017.

    The Top-10 News Picks for 2017 by Seoul Citizens

    In the 1st place as the most loved, the Seoul Public Bike ‘Ttareungyi’ (13,293 votes, 7.4%) reached total cumulative rentals of 6.56 million in just two years after beginning service, gaining a high response from citizens and securing its place as a daily means of transportation.

    To the extent that ‘Ttareungyi’ is loved by so many citizens, there will not only be more bicycle rental stations installed, there are also plans to make continuous efforts for bicycle related infrastructure and usage culture including improvement of bicycle paths and safety education.

    The Top-10 News Picks for 2017 by Seoul Citizens

    The 2nd place was taken by the School Bathroom Remodeling Project (12,779 votes, 7.1%) to turn dark and smelly school bathrooms into bright and refreshing spaces.

    As an enterprise where students, teachers, and parents work together with design professionals and planners to upgrade school restrooms into sensible, creative spaces, this project has improved 800 restrooms in elementary, middle, and high schools from its launch in 2015 through this year, achieving a student satisfaction rate of 97%.

    The 3rd place was taken by the Mapo Oil Tank Culture Park (9,699 votes, 5.4%), the decommissioned petroleum reserve tank facility in Mapo that had been closed off for 41 years and was resurrected as an environmentally friendly culture complex.

    After its opening on September 1, 2017, diverse culture programs including a village market, bicycle music festival, and a circus concert are held at the Oil Tank Culture Park, which is gaining attention as a unique cultural space that makes use of the design of the oil tanks just as they were.

    The Top-10 News Picks for 2017 by Seoul Citizens

    Besides this, policies that remind us of the meaning of the past and connect it to the future have also taken a high ranking, like the Gyeongchun Line (Railroad) Forest (7th place, 4.1%) which became a hot topic after having been dormant for 70 years.

    Other diverse policies for Seoul selected for the Top-10 News included the 10 Countermeasures for Fine Dust in Seoul (5th, 4.5%), Housing for 2030 Youth in Station Influence Areas (6th, 4.2%), the Expansion of National & Public Daycare Centers(8th, 4.0%), the Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market (9th, 3.7%), and the Opening of Seoul Youth Job Centers (10th, 3.7%).