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  • The Top-10 News Picks for 2017 by Seoul Citizens

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    The Top-10 News Picks for 2017 by Seoul Citizens

    Seoul Metropolitan City held an online/offline vote on the 30 key policies of 2017. A total of 121,929 citizens participated in the vote.

    The policy that won the largest number of votes was the Seoul public bike “Ttareungyi,” (13,293 votes, 7.4%). Cumulative number of rentals exceeding 6.56 million in just two years since the service was launched

    Ttareungyi, an automated bicycle rental system that can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere by smartphone It has become as an eco-friendly transportation means.

    The second highest vote was “Dream Together,” a project to improve school bathrooms (12,779 votes, 7.1%). A project to transform dark and smelly school bathrooms into bright and pleasant spaces

    Improvement in 800 locations since project commencement in 2015 Students’ satisfaction rate 97% Rate of tooth brushing during lunchtime doubled Decrease in school violence

    The third place is the opening of “Mapo Oil Tank Culture Park,” which was transformed into an eco-friendly cultural space (9,699 votes, 5.4%). An old industrial facility shut down for 41 years turned into an eco-friendly cultural space!

    A unique cultural space developed with the designs of oil tanks in the past Since opening, Mapo Oil Tank Culture Park has been serving as a venue for a variety of cultural events.

    The efforts of Seoul Metropolitan City to develop Seoul into the most livable city, a city that grows with citizens, and a city that restores communities and culture will continue into the future.