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City of Seoul

  • Seoul Newtro, ‘Oraegage (Old & Historic Stores)’

  • SMG 37
    The first episode of ‘tinyseoul’ in May is about the ‘Oraegage’ stores in Seoul that are full of Newtro vibes. From ‘dabang’ (old Korean coffee shops) that remembers the days of Korean youths in the 1970s to 1980s to the oldest foreign used bookstore in Seoul, the traces of time can be felt here. The title ‘Oraegage’ is given to the old and historic stores in Seoul with the hope to continue their history and tradition for a longer period of time. The stores that have been operated for more than 30 years or continued for more than two generations are being selected as ‘Oraegage’.

    Let’s explore the Oraegage stores that preserve the stories and sentiments of Seoul for a long time!

    [Places in the videos] Teobangnae/ Hyeongje Blacksmith’s Workshop/ Yongsan Mill/ Hanshin Onggi/ Foreign Bookstore

    Check out the information about these stores and tour courses in the Oraegage Guidebook (2019-2020)! http://seoulstory.kr/pdf/20190219_guidebook_en.pdf