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City of Seoul

  • [tinyseoul] Painting the Summer at Seoul Fringe Festival

  • City of Seoul SMG 377
    Introducing the Seoul Fringe Festival full of peaceful summer night vibes!
    The Seoul Fringe Festival first started as an ‘Independent Art Festival’ in 1998 at Daehakro. And today, it became an annual summer festival where artists from various genres including theater, dance, music, performance, art, and video come and show their talents. The venue of the festival this year was held at the Oil Tank Culture Park, which was a former oil depot that has been restricted for about 40 years. This park is now being used as a cultural space through the urban regeneration project by Seoul city.
    Feel the energy of the artists who never stop exploring new artistic ways and keep on taking challenges regardless of the genres at the Seoul Fringe Festival through the second video of tinyseoul in August!
    The festival is ongoing via online as well. If you are interested about the Seoul Fringe Festival, follow the link: http://eng.seoulfringefestival.net/