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  • Time of Last Bus Extended Later on Weekends for Enjoyment of Yeouido’s Spring Flowers

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    The 2019 Yeouido Spring Flower Festival will held from April 5 to 11, for seven days. Seoul will show its support for the festival by extending the times of last buses later for a part of the festival and extending operation hours of subway Line 9, in order to offer citizens the opportunity to enjoy the spring flowers safely and easily.

    The buses that run through Yeouido on the nights of April 5 and 6 will have extended operation hours until 01:20 (in the direction of the garages) so that citizens visiting the Spring Flower Festival can enjoy the spring flowers without worrying about last bus times and appreciate the night sceneries with ease.

    There will be a total of 27 city bus lines (see attachment) with extended operation hours around Yeouiseo-ro, ▴Yeouido Transfer Center, ▴National Assembly Station, and the ▴Yeoido Full Gospel Church. The last buses will depart in the direction of the garages at 01:20.

    Subway Line 9 passes through the National Assembly Station and is the area in which heavy pedestrian traffic is expected during the dates of the festival. On this line, the subway will run 56 times a day between 14:00 and 20:00 from April 6 (Sat.) to 7 (Sun.).

    From noon on April 4 to noon on April 12, there will be 24-hour traffic control at Yeouiseo-ro (1.7km) behind the National Assembly Building, and the waterside street by the Seogangdaegyo Bridge parking lot entrance to Yeoui Haryu (Downstream) IC (1.5km). The Lawmaker’s Office Entryway to the northern Yeouigyo Bridge 2 (340m) and the National Assembly Building Gate 5 to the waterside parking lot (80m) will be partially controlled on the weekdays with full traffic control only on the weekends.

    Information on the last buses can be found on the Seoul Transport Operation & Information Service ‘TOPIS’ website (http://topis.seoul.go.kr/) or at the 120 Dasan Call Center. Road control and festival information can be found on the “2019 Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival” (http://2019flower.or.kr/) website.

    Bus Lines with Extended Last Times (27 Lines)

    Bus Lines with Extended Last Times (27 Lines)
    No Line No. First Stop Last Stop Bus Stops with Last Stop at 01:20
    (Bus Stop ID)
    1 5623 Gunpo Public Garage Yeouido Yeouido Transfer Center (19-007)
    2 162 Jeongneung Yeouido Yeouido Station (19-155)
    3 463 Yeomgok-dong Garage National Assembly Building Yeoido Full Gospel Church
    4 153 Ui-dong Danggok Sageori National Assembly Building. KB Kookmin Bank
    5 260 Jungnang Public Garage National Assembly Building National Assembly Station (19-133)
    6 5633 Noonsa-dong Yeouido Full Gospel Church
    7 5615 Yeouido Nangok KBS (19-130)
    8 5618 Guro-dong Guro-dong KBS (19-130)
    9 5534 Gwangmyeong Garage Yeouido Yeoido Full Gospel Church
    10 262 Jungnang Public Garage Yeouido LG Twin Towers (19-284)
    11 261 Seokgwan-dong Yeouido Transfer Center Yeouinaru Station (19-140)
    12 160 Dobong Station Metropolitan Transfer Center Onsu-dong Yeouido Transfer Center (19-007)
    13 600 Onsu-dong Gwanghwamun Yeouido Transfer Center (19-008)
    14 753 Galhyeon-dong Sangdo-dong Yeoido Full Gospel Church
    15 7613 Galhyeon-dong Yeouido National Assembly Station (19-133)
    16 6513 Cheolsan-dong Seoul Nat’l Univ. Yeouido Station (19-156)
    17 5012 Gasan-dong Sinyongsan Station, Exit 3 Yeouido Transfer Center (19-008)
    18 5713 Bisan-dong, Anyang Sinchon Railway Station Full Gospel Church
    19 662 Oebalsan-dong Yeouinaru Station Yeouido Transfer Center (19-008)
    20 6628 Oebalsan-dong Yeouido Transfer Center Yeouido Transfer Center (19-008)
    21 461 Jangji Public Garage Yeouido Full Gospel Church
    22 6623 Yangcheon Public Garage Yeouido Full Gospel Church
    23 360 Songpa Garage Yeouido Transfer Center Yeouido Transfer Center (19-008)
    24 7611 Eunpyeong Public Garage Yeouido Yeouinaru Station (19-140)
    25 362 Songpa Public Garage Yeouido National Assembly Station (19-133)
    26 Yeongdeungpo 10 Daebang Station Daebang Station Yeouido Station (19-155)
    27 Yeongdeungpo 11 Daebang Station Daebang Station Yeouido Middle School (19-141)