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  • Three-Strike Rule for Taxis Refusing Passengers

  • Transport News SMG 2970

    Starting on January 29, 2015, the Seoul Metropolitan Government instituted a stronger measure to improve the taxi service in Seoul and to deal with Seoul’s taxi drivers who refuse passengers, pick up multiple passengers, or demand an unfair fee.

    The first time taxi drivers refuse passengers within two years, they will be fined KRW 200,000; the second time, they will be fined KRW 400,000 and suspended for 30 days; the third time, they will be fined KRW 600,000 and their licenses will be revoked. For cab companies, the number of licensed taxis and violations will be collected to calculate the violation index. In the worst case scenario, the government will be able to revoke their business license.

    Moreover, if a cab company provides a cab to a driver who does not belong to the company, their business license will be revoked even with a single violation. In order to improve the work conditions for cab drivers, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will fine KRW 10 million and revoke the business license of a company if it imputes the cost of gas and car crashes to the driver for three times.