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  • Three More ‘Giving Healthy Stairs’ Zones Created

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 4827

    Giving Healthy Stairs (Wangsimni Station)

    Ten won is accumulated whenever a citizen uses the stairs; the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s (SMG) Giving Healthy Stairs campaign was designed to donate its accumulated contributions towards the rehabilitation costs of disabled children unable to walk.

    Amid the growing use of the stairs thanks to this campaign, the SMG will create three more zones in Myeongdong Station, Noksapyeong Station, and Express Bus Terminal Station.

    In the case of the first Giving Healthy Stairs, connecting Seoul Plaza to Citizens Hall, the use of the stairs has increased by more than three-fold to 22%, from 6.5%, before the stairs were installed, accumulating some 4 million won of contributions within a year.

    The Giving Healthy Stairs, which were built in Sindorim Station last September, have witnessed a rising use rate from 3% to 29% – increasing more than nine-fold compared to before their installment – and the use rate in Wangsimni Station – the stairs were installed in January 2015 – increased nearly two-fold from 18.8% to 32%.

    Based on such positive effects, three more zones will be added, increasing the number to 12 in total, including Citizens Hall in 2013, Sindorim Station in 2014, Yeongdeungpo Station, Cheongnyangni Station, Jamsil Station, Geumcheon-gu Office Station, Wangsimni Station, Omokgyo Station, and City Hall Station (eight subway stations).

    The Giving Healthy Stairs campaign is aimed at maintaining a life by creating an environment in which citizens can walk through the busiest subway stations while fostering a ‘donation’ culture in which 10 won per person is accumulated. In fact, the related zones have emerged as new hotspots in Seoul by successfully killing two birds with one stone.