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  • The “Tunnel of Calabash Shadows,” a Citizen Resting Area inside Jamsil Sports Complex

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    A Green Tunnel has been built next to Jamsil Sports Complex’ Student gymnasium to help people take a rest and escape the scorching weather. A walk along this 37-m long tunnel is enough to forget about the heat for a moment and admire the appetizing local crops such as calabash, club gourds, and colorful pumpkins hanging from the ceilings and walls. This place will hopefully become a perfect resting area under a shade of green in which local residents and visitors who are in the area for a professional baseball game or a concert at the Jamsil Sports Complex can experience a countryside atmosphere in the midst of the city.

    This new “Tunnel of Calabash Shadows,” created by Seoul City, boasts a total of 400 crops, including calabash, club gourds, and colorful pumpkins, that await to be discovered by visitors.

    While the city set up the tunnel last year, this year, it planted the 400 plants (calabash, club gourds, colorful pumpkins, etc.) along the tunnel’s ceiling and down its sides.

    Apart from the Tunnel of Calabash Shadows, other multiple resting spaces inside Jamsil Sports Complex are loved by the public, including the Lotus Garden Fountain and the Park Golf Course.

    The Lotus Garden Fountain, which extends over about 1,587m2 around the south gate of the Olympic Main Stadium, exhibits about 10 kinds of 550 aquatic plants. This place is gaining in popularity as foreign and national visitors to the stadium often take a stroll around the refreshing fountain to cool off from the heat and take commemorative photos with flowers in the background.

    The Park Golf Course is also becoming an oasis in the middle of the city. In this area, golfers can relax under the refreshing shade of around 200 trees, in the midst of various seasonal flowers.

    In addition, an “I · Remember · U” photo zone is also being operated, allowing Korean and foreign tourists visiting the Jamsil Sports Complex to take beautiful photos in a scenery of trees and flowers and make unforgettable memories.

    Tunnel of Calabash Shadows,
    Tunnel of Calabash Shadows 1 Tunnel of Calabash Shadows 2
    Tunnel of Calabash Shadows 1 Tunnel of Calabash Shadows 2
    Park Golf Course Lotus Garden Fountain
    Park Golf Course Lotus Garden Fountain