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  • The Supyo Bridge

  • Global Seoul Mate Activities 1758

    This Bridge is a stone bridge crossing the Chunggwe stream and called as a Supyo Bridge by setting up the Supyo which is a device of calculating the level of water. The bridge on the stream(Current Chunggwe Stream) running through the center of Hanyang was made by soils or woods in the early chosun dynasty but it had replaced as a stone bridge since the year of King Taejong; Supyogyo was also replaced as a stone during the year of King Taejong and King Sejong. It was relocated during the restoration project of Chunggwe stream in 1958 and again found its original place in 1965. The long, width and height of the bridge is 27.5m, 7.5m and 4m respectively and all are granite stones. The low side of the bride has the diamond shape to reduce the resist of the water. The wood rain gauge bad been set up in the western side of the bridge in 1441 (23rd year of king Seojong) and was changed to stones during king Seongjong. In 1760(36th year of king yongjo), the words ´Gyong Jin Ji Pyeong´ was enscribed on the bridge and it became the method of calculating the level of water in for stages; it was evolved as a underwater footnote table which check the water level by itself. The Supyo(Treasure No. 838) was with the Supyogyo but was relocated to the King Sejong Great Memorial Hall.