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  • The SMG Runs Car-Free Day on Daehangno, First in 30 years

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government test operates 2019 Car-Free Day on Daehangno (from Hyehwa Rotary to Ihwa Crossroad, 960m long) from 12pm to 5pm on June 9, 2019.

    The Car-Free Day on Daehangno started on May 4, 1985, from 6pm-10pm every Saturday and from 12pm-10pm every Sunday. Various art performances were performed on the road and were very popular among citizens. Four years later in October 1989, the road was designated as a roundabout route due to the extension work of Mia-ro.

    The Car-Free Day on Daehangno will take place under the slogan of “Experience 1989 Again with Romance and Memories” at five different sections providing a variety of things to watch and enjoy. The artists, companies, and civic groups representing the local community actively participate in the event, leading art performances, the art market, farmer’s market, and urban walkathon.

    The first section (from Exit no. 1 of Hyehwa Station to Olive Young Hyehwa) will be host to high-quality outdoor performances, which will be on stage during ‘2019 Welcome Daehangno’, the event that will be held in September 2019. The event is part of the project that is being planned by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization in order to foster Daehangno into a world-class hub of performances and tourism, in line with the Car-Free Day policy of the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

    The second section (from Space Owl to Marronnier Park): the road will be transformed into the ‘Street of Reminiscence 1980-1990’. Under the theme of “a retro street,” diverse genres of performances will take place, including a retro fashion show, a street theater, a magic show, and a concert. Also, the programs like the Nostalgic Photo Studio, where you can take photos while wearing garments from the past, are suitable to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

    The third section (from Marronnier Park to Artist’s House): Ihwa Art and Marché, the representative local community groups of Daehangno, open the farmer’s market and art market, which are held only inside of the park, and extend it to the road, greeting people into the organic, sustainable space abuzz with people, relationships, and conversations.

    The fourth section (from the Fire House to the front gate of Korea National Open University): Vans, the famous shoe manufacturer, runs the skateboard clinic for girls, where women of different age groups can learn skateboarding. They can also attend an art workshop led by the stencil artist Jogo to make the grip tapes unique to themselves.

    The fifth section (from Korea National Open University to Seoul National University Girls’ Middle School): The event ‘Second Walk Downtown!’ will take place to promote walking downtown and develop pedestrian culture.

    The SMG Runs Car-Free Day on Daehangno, First in 30 years
    The First Car-Free Day on Daehangno in 1985
    2019 Welcome Daehangno Performance (Painters) Art Market
    Vans Girls’ Skate Day

    2019 대학로 차 없는 거리 19.6.~9. sun 12:00~17:00 혜화로터리 ↔ 이화사거리