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  • The Seoul Metropolitan Government Introduces the Korean Family Culture to Foreigners before Chuseok

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will conduct a Cultural Views 2011 lecture, which is designed to enable foreigners living in Seoul to understand Korean culture, and introduce behaviors and manners in daily living and their meanings before Chuseok, or the Korean Thanksgiving holidays.

    Understanding Daily Living in Korea: Cultural Views 2011

    The upcoming lecture will introduce the meaning and forms of families that are different from those in the West. It is will held in the seminar room at the Seoul Global Culture and Tourism Center in Myeong-dong at 7:30 pm on August 26. The lecture will also provide information on the origin of Chuseok, one of the largest Korean traditional holidays, its holiday foods, and the roles and images of family members during the holidays.

    The lecture will be offered in English by Isabel Min, Chief of the TCK Institute and a professor at Sungkyunkwan University. She will answer participants’ questions on Korean culture during a Q&A session.

    The “Understanding Daily Living in Korea” lecture series, which started last May, is a very useful program that introduces Korean words and deeds as shown in their daily living, which are difficult for foreigners to understand despite living in Korea for a long time. It also provides practical ways to effectively cope with each situation.

    The previous lectures have addressed the issues of shopping and food in Korea. Through November, a series of lectures focusing on information that is essential for living in Seoul, including transportation, will be provided free of charge once a month until November.

    After lectures, participating foreigners can share their experience and information on living in Seoul. When they have unanswered questions, they can ask staff members of the Seoul Global Culture and Tourism Center for detailed information. Any foreigners, who want to learn about everyday life in Korea, and Koreans who are seeking cultural exchange can attend the lecture. They are required to either call +82-2-3789-7961, send an email to seoulcenter@seoulwelcome.com, or visit the Seoul Global Tourism and Culture Center in Myeong-dong to apply to attend the lecture series.