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  • The Seoul Metropolitan Government announces Vision of Seoul as a Mecca for LED Lighting

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced a plan to replace all lighting within the city with LED lighting by 2030 (all public lighting by 2018) under the Seoul, a Mecca for LED Lighting vision. The plan is designed to cut power use within the city drastically by using LED lighting, based on the finding of a survey that lighting accounts for about 20% of the city’s power use, and is the most energy consuming source in 37% of the buildings that consume the most power in the City. It is reported that LED lighting uses 30% less energy than fluorescent lighting and 80% less than standard incandescent bulbs.

    Under the related short-term plan, the Government plans to provide 800,000 LED lighting units to the public sector and 7 million to the private sector in order to accomplish its objective by 50% and 25%, respectively, by 2014. This should translate into a decrease in power use by 1,100Gwh a year, i.e. 30 times the power used by the 63 Building (35 Gwh in 2011), and equal to an annual saving of 120 billion won.

    The Government plans to control the level of illumination of 1.32 million outdoor lighting units, in what will be the first such attempt ever made by a local government. The City also plans to designate a model village where all lighting will be replaced by LED lighting in each district by 2014. Concerning the replacement with LED lighting, the City will lend up to one billion won and have each district office repay it in the form of power charges thus saved. In the second half of this year alone, the City plans to install one million LED lighting units by signing agreements with large-sized marts, construction companies, and other large businesses. It will also plan to form an LED specialty zone to encourage the domestic LED lighting industry in the second half of next year.