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  • The Seoul Metropolitan Children’s Hospital’s Mascot Elephant “Corey” Makes Its Debut as a YouTuber on Rainbow TV

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    Corey , the mascot elephant of the Seoul Metropolitan Children’s Hospital, will be making its debut as a YouTuber. Corey will be creating content for the hospital’s YouTube channel Rainbow TV (“서울특별시어린이병원레인보우TV”) featuring online performances, lectures and podcasts, while interacting with people with developmental disabilities. Updates on performances, such as relay concerts of “Rainbow Musicians” and harmonious choirs, will also be introduced through this channel.

    “Rainbow Musician” is a music therapy program of the Seoul Metropolitan Children’s Hospital that has been operating since 2009. This program comprises musically talented children and adolescents with developmental disabilities. It cultivated numerous talented musicians, who were recognized in various music competitions and were accepted in prominent schools of arts.

    For the past decade, Rainbow Musicians have developed their music skills despite their physical disabilities and interacted with the world through offline performances. This year, through Rainbow TV, the team will make online performances to console people amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Seoul Metropolitan Children’s Hospital revealed that the Rainbow TV Project organized by the hospital’s music therapists is dedicated for children and parents going through difficult times with the prolonged pandemic. Under the theme “Don’t you worry,” online content on culture, healing, and education will be streamed regularly starting in December 2020.

    All resources will be used to avail “untact-enter,” a new cultural experience that people can enjoy performances and exhibitions through online channels at home. The program will consist of exciting performances for children and adolescents with developmental disabilities who have been isolated from less treatment and education opportunities, as well as their parents and families who have been exhausted from lengthy hours of providing care.

    In contrast to the original team composed of musicians with developmental disabilities, this project will have additional members including Corey, as well as the team members’ parents and medical staff.

    The hospital explained that this YouTube channel that was created last year was mostly about children with developmental disabilities. Now, to make a more colorful channel, more interaction with parents and family members will be featured.

    The title of the channel will also change from “Rainbow Musician TV” to “Seoul Metropolitan Children’s Hospital Rainbow TV” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlyjPOuQr2I).

    The channel will have programs titled “Visible Radio,” where parents of children with developmental disability will appear as radio DJs and share the stories of other families, and “Ask All You Want” featuring the hospital’s medical staff.