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  • The Seoul International Food Service Industry Expo Starts on August 18

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    Official Poster of the Seoul International Food Service Industry ExpoThe “2011 Seoul International Food Service Industry Expo”(Website: http://expo.ekra.or.kr) a festival of foods and eateries that is supported by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and hosted by the Korean Restaurant Association, will take place at the COEX exhibition center in Samseong-dong during August 18 – 21.

    The largest of its kind in Korea, this four-day expo will showcase an overview of the latest trends in the food service industry and current situations of the restaurant sector. The Seoul Metropolitan Government has stated that under the theme of “Smart Food,” this event will provide the participants with a chance to look into the future of the food service industry in Korea.

    The expo, which marks the fourth annual event since the inaugural event in 2006, changed the venue from the aT Center in Yangjae-dong to the COEX exhibition center in Samseong-dong, which is a hub for the shopping culture, thus significantly improving the general public’s accessibility to the expo.

    The expo will be comprised of various exhibition pavilions, including the Food Trust (advanced food culture PR pavilion), and u-Food (customized food) PR pavilions. It will serve as a food festival venue that is enjoyable to anyone, including people from the food service industry, citizens, and tourists alike.

    Additionally, Global KOREA (pavilion for the globalization of Korean food) will hold various food-sampling events for foreigners. Translators who are proficient in English will also be deployed, and will give friendly briefings on Korean cuisine to visitors.