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  • The Seoul Haevichi Multicultural Family Education Center is Recruiting Trainees

  • Integrated News SMG 2482

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has created a “Seoul Haevichi Multicultural Family Education Center,” which is designed to support the seamless early settlement of multicultural families in Seoul and programs for early adaptation to school life. They are currently recruiting 360 trainees for 26 classes for seven courses from among foreign wives married to Korean men, children from multicultural families, and foreign children who entered Korea as students.

    The Seoul Haevichi Multicultural Family Education Center is a private and public cooperation body, which is operated through the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s provision of venue, and the Haevichi Social Contribution Culture Foundation’s (Hyundai Motor Group) financial subsidies for operation. It is managed by the Center for Multi-cultural Korea.

    People recruited include foreign wives who wish for early settlement in Korea and who seek stabilization for their daily living circumstances, foreign migrant workers, children from multicultural families who aim to build up self-confidence and inter-personal relationships, foreign children who came to Korea as students, and children who quit school and experienced troubles due to the inability to adapt to a school setting.

    The courses that are recruiting trainees include Korean language education designed for foreign migrants, vocational training, dual language (English and Chinese) education for licenses for children from multicultural families, special trades training, Korean language education, and qualification examination for high school entrance for foreign children who came to Korea as students. The programs last for one to six months, and all classes are offered absolutely free.

    Those who want to take the courses are advised to download an application from the “public announcement” section of the Center for Multi-cultural Korea’s website (http://www.cmck.kr), fill out the form, and submit it by fax +82-2-737-0469) or email (cmck@naver.com).

    For more information on education and training, please dial the Center for Multi-cultural Korea at (+82-2-737-0467~8).