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  • The Seoul Global Center Is Offering a “Start-up Advisory Lecture in Korean” for Foreigners from Non-English Speaking Nations

  • SMG 2437

    The Seoul Global Center is offering a “special Korean language lecture on start-up” for foreigners, who, due to their lack of English proficiency, have had difficulties understanding the English lectures that have been conducted at the “Start-up School.”

    The Seoul Global Center conducted a special lecture by an invited expert on the start-up process in Korea at the Korea Press Center in Taepyeong-ro, Jung-gu at 10 am, August 27.

    The special lecture was especially significant in that business counseling conducted by the Seoul Global Center to support the stable establishment of start-ups by foreign residents in Seoul is conducted in Korean at the request of foreigners from non-OECD countries, who are more proficient in Korean than English.

    The lecture was provided to more than 40 foreigners from non-English speaking countries, who wish to open businesses in Seoul, and focused on the introduction of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s small business assistance program. The lecture was then followed by a Q&A session that enabled the participants to get answers to questions about the start-up process in Seoul, and its characteristics.

    To assist would-be foreign investors with small capital to open businesses in Seoul, the lecture program informs them of practical issues to consider, including business registration and the provision of policy funds. The program also provides information on the operation of small and medium business assistance centers, the funds assistance policy, collateralization, as well as information on issues to note when funds flow in, and the process for the use of credit guarantee. By doing so, the program aims to enable them to actually start up businesses in Seoul.

    The next startup advisory lectures will be conducted in October and December. For more information on the lecture series, please visit the Seoul Global Center’s Website at: (http://global.seoul.go.kr) or call: +82-2-2075-4112.