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  • The Seoul City Public Transport System that Bangkok wants to learn from

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    Seoul City, Bangkok City sign agreement on transportation card system consulting

    Seoul’s transport policy will be exported overseas. On 8th January, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (City Traffic Headquarters) and developers of the Seoul transportation card system, Korean Samrtcard Inc., signed an agreement (550mil won) to provide consulting services to Thailand’s Traffic Policy Division and Bangkok Public Transportation on the in establishment of an integrated transportation card system.

    Consulting services provided by Seoul Metropolitan Government and Korean Smartcard Inc. will encompass the establishment of an integrated command center and operation systems for Bangkok’s public transport (bus, subway etc.) as well as distribution strategy for transportation cards. Though Seoul’s transportation card system had previously been exported overseas, this will be the first time Seoul Metropolitan Government’s transportation card policy and know-how will be shared with another city overseas. The Thai Ministry of Transport’s Traffic Policy Division will visit Seoul on the 18th and 19th to study the metropolitan area’s transportation card system policy and management. On Friday the 18th at 10am, the Thai delegation (led by Dr. Phadet) will visit the Seoul Traffic Information Center before going to City Hall (Seosomun Building 7th Floor) to visit the Transportation Card Division for a briefing on policies, systems and services followed by discussion on future plans for exchanges and project timelines.

    The 10-member strong Thai delegation will include the project leader from the Thai Ministry of Transport’s Traffic Policy Division, the aide-de-camp to the Minister for Transport and other government officials and representatives from the business community. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will share its well-established transportation card policy whilst Korean Smartcard Inc. will impart practical skills on the optimization of operations. The involvement of Seoul Metropolitan Government in the creation of Bangkok’s transportation card system will lay the foundation for future cooperation and exchange in other areas.

    Previously exported to Wellington (2008) and Auckland (2010), New Zealand, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2010) and Columbia, India (2012), the Seoul transportation card system has received recognition for its excellence. The recognition of the excellence of Seoul’s transportation card policy and system by overseas countries has led to an increasing number of requests for consulting services by foreign cities interested in setting up state-of-the-art public transportation systems, providing a positive outlook for export opportunities in the future.